Christmas Tree!

An extremely tall fir tree!
Wouldn’t want to have to put a star on the top of that one! oh wait, I did…

Merry Christmas, y'all xoxoxoxoxoxox

12 comments on “Christmas Tree!”

  1. oh well done! i like this shot and the vignette works well. this has your stamp on it, Elaine. best wishes to you and your family.

    1. awww, thanks, Ayush!! yes, my tramp stamp lol lovely comment, boo! oxoxoxox

  2. Love the photo, perfect mood !

    1. thanks, robert!! i’m glad you like it xoxoxoxox

  3. how sweet of you to decorate it : – )

    love that tree

    1. lol yes, i’m sweet that way lol thanks, sherri!! xoxoxoxox

  4. I would call this O Holy Night! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas

    1. It does look like a holy night, doesn’t it? 🙂 and I had a great Christmas, hope you did tooooo xoxoxoxox

  5. Very cool. It reminds me of some of my old pinhole camera shots.

    1. awww, that’s a high compliment to ME, Michael, thank you!! xoxoxoxoxox

  6. It kinda reminds me of the Charlie Brown xmas tree … just much taller

    1. yeah, it’s obviously not the best health a tree could be in lol funny for a Christmas picture tho, aye? 🙂

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