Little Bebe

I think I never felt such a strong pure love that I felt for my niece… She’s about 20 years old now, and I haven’t seen her in soooo long, it’s very sad for me.

4 comments on “Little Bebe”

  1. i can empathize. i remember your photos of her years ago and i do hope she’ll make contact with you at some point on her own, now that she’s an adult.

    1. thank you, sweetheart, sniff sniff …yes, i posted a lot of pictures of her… everytime she came over she wanted tons of pictures taken of her 🙂 she was so fun… a really joyful child… <3 <3

  2. I kind of speechless. Such a cute shot and such a sad story.

    1. yes, it’s sad… i loved her so much right from the moment she was born, i held her and cried and cried… we had a strange connection… it’s mainly my fault for moving away, it’s not her fault

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