It’s gettin’ kinda heavy


12 comments on “It’s gettin’ kinda heavy”

  1. perfection. love, love.

    1. awwww, thank you, sister…. i DID think o you when i wrote on the pic, coz i’m no good at that sort of thing 🙂 xoxoxoxoxoxoxox

  2. Nikola sure was big in how our lives turned out. I do appreciate electricity for my computer 🙂

    1. me toooooo!! I started saying ‘I blame Tesla’ back when EMFs started affecting my health, i’m better in that way now, though I still might get a Qlink pendant lol… thanks, man xoxoxoxoxoxoxox

  3. cool shot, Elaine. i like the power line criss crossing that shade of blue – really humming with power!

    1. yeah, electricity does sing it’s own song, doesn’t it, Ayush? thanks so much for the nice words xoxoxoxoxoxox

  4. It does take a lot of electricity to make the world into being Tesla-friendly. But then, don’t we need to save the air – if not for wires?…

    1. If no for wires, and the air moved about unhindered? i would probably be saying ‘I blame air’ 🙂 xoxoxoxoxoxoxox

      1. Yes, and we should do something about it!

      2. lol we need to get ORGANIZED lol xoxoxoxox

  5. Love this, there is a kind of emptiness with much power in it. LOL. When less is more…brava!

    1. like the universe! mostly empty but filled with power! thanks robert xoxoxoxoxoxxox

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