I was posting pictures on Facebook yesterday, coz I just chopped my hair off, AGAIN… and I wanted opinions on the style.

This pic I just clicked with my webcam right before going out, it’s not processed in any way.

Can you see how differently I’m aging on one side of my body?

yes, my eye is drooping on one side, my nose is bigger on one side, as is my falling cheek, and the line from nose to mouth on that side is a wrinkle, my mouth is crooked too but i compensated for that a little… isn’t it strange? it’s like i’m two different people in one body!! I could have had mini strokes too, I’ve been known to do that.

Aaaah well, Jesus promised to renew my youth 🙂

I just posted this coz I’m running out of ideas lol I always fall back on webcam selfies when I run out of ideas

16 comments on “Aging”

  1. If this is aging, then I don’t understand the word. Really? I know you ask about my opinion, but that’s one thing I have learned, no telling, no matter how positive it is meant.

    1. well, of course it’s aging, tho i was almost 50 when they finally stopped asking me for ID to get booze lol

  2. WHen I look at this, I wonder do you purposefully blur all of your images? I do not notice all of your “Imperfections”. I see a lovely lady. Friendship

    1. this is a webcam image, that’s why it’s not so sharp… i didn’t process this pic, but yes, normally i do blur my photos! xox

  3. 🙂 good.Love …the formulas in the background LOL

    1. lol my physics tapestry lolol xoxoxoxoxox

  4. you look beautiful, elaine

    whatever you’re seeing in yourself sounds much like my own meanderings. my husband always tells me i’m my own worst critic.

    do you sleep on one particular side more than the other? believe it or not, my vanity in my older years has made me start sleeping on my back, propped up by pillows. i can’t believe i’m writing this on the www.

    1. awwww sister, that is the kindest thing you could have said and i thank you from the bottom of my heart…. my husband says i’m just freaking out coz of the new youtube channel which is making me look at myself on camera all the time! and no i don’t favour one side or the other when i sleep, and i have TOTALLY thought of sleeping on my back lol great minds!! 🙂 thanks for saying i look beautiful when to me i look like a mini stroke victim! xoxoxoxoxox

  5. Well, you certainly have aged better than I. 🙂 And of course getting old is way better than the alternative.

    1. yeah, i hear ya…. but didn’t they make euthanasia legal in canada for peeps that disagree with you on the subject, i remember watching a woman with alzheimer’s have assisted suicide waaaay before her mind started going… i think maybe some people don’t have that ‘fight’, you know? anyway, thanks, michael xoxoxoxoxox

  6. i remember i was asked for my age proof at a movie theater hahaha… they do not ask any more. nice to see your recent hairdo, Elaine!

    1. yeah, they don’t ask to see proof from me either, not anymore, it’s sad, isn’t it, Ayush? 🙂 xoxoxoxoxoxox

  7. I didn’t notice any of the things you mentioned … and I still don’t see most of them … hair cut is cool

    1. yeah, it’s hard to see on a webcam pic i guess, i can see it coz i know it so well… thanks about the haircut! xoxoxoxoxox

  8. I was going into a Dave and Busters a few years ago. The security guy stopped me and wanted to see my ID. (Mind you, I’m no spring chicken and I don’t look like one…and I don’t even drink.)
    I was surprised and said, “What’s the problem?”
    His reply? “I just wanted to see if you were young enough to get in.”
    Don’t worry about getting old until something like that happens to you.
    You look fine in the photo. Fret not. 🙂

    1. hahahahaha, that is the meanest bouncer ever!!!! lol….. wait, you don’t drink??? erm, is that wise, Phil? hehehe xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

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