Good Stuff

i didn’t make this today.. today i cooked a bunch of rice in the rice maker and opened a bunch of cans, mushrooms, black olives, hot peppers, beans and more beans, and i put it all in a pot with salt and pepper

oh and mexican spices.

I am a vegan and you’re gonna hear me roar lol

18 comments on “Good Stuff”

  1. I like the focus on the greens. I hope you enjoyed what you DID make. Friendship

    1. I did enjoy it, thanks muchly, sweetie xoxoxoxox

  2. And besides being something to eat it makes a very cool image.

    1. why thank you, kind Sir! you may not be a vegan sympathizer lol but you are kind to me, i like that xoxoxoxoxox

  3. salt and pepper can help me eat just about anything, a bit of garlic helps too. i like your depth of focus, Elaine.

    1. salt of the earth, baby yeah, i agree, Ayush! xoxoxoxoxoxox

  4. Beautiful green in your photo!

    1. thank you, robert!! bok choy! xoxoxoxoxoxoxx

  5. The greens look enticing. A photo for a cook book. Beautiful. Yeah to mexican spices.

    1. hmmm, photos for cookbooks, that’s an important job! I just bought a cookbook without photos, it’s like working blind!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxox

      1. Don’t you hate cookbooks with photos? How can you chose something to make if you can’t see what it looks like?…

      2. It didn’t even OCCUR to me to check for photos!! Coz the author was reputable, but, yep, i got ripped off!

      3. Time to make a complain?

      4. it’s from amazon, i will leave a bad review warning others… but i’m not going to return it, that’s always a pain xoxoxoxoxox

      5. I can say a lot about Amazon (and I shouldn’t use it), but at least returning something is hassle free. Except you’ll have to find a UP office…

      6. i find it a huge hassle lol but we all have our own definitions of ‘hassle’ 🙂 xoxoxoxoxox

  6. a beautiful presentation in food

    do you add a bit of lime juice to your mexican dishes? it really brightens the flavor.

    1. i’ve never heard of that!! but then again, i’m not a cook!! I will do that from now on! thank you, sherri! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

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