On the Boardwalk

Bike the drive.

It is fun.

Bike the drive

Like when you were a little kid

and you stuck your hand out

and said to your friend

give me five!

Bike the drive.

It is fun like running around in a playground,

swinging from swings,

flying a kite,

like when you were young

it helped make the whole world go round

bike the drive!

Bike the drive.

Just for the simple fact that you can.

Bike the drive.

Match or surpass the feeling you had when your parents took away the

training wheels from your first bike when you were five!

Bike the drive.

Rejoice you are alive!

5 comments on “On the Boardwalk”

  1. Wow, I’m impressed, Elaine. It looks great:-)I like this image too. The green lens flare adds to this shot in my opinion. I like the simplicity of the bicycle sitting there on the dock. I can imagine a little boy parking it and now he’s off on the bank fishing:-)

  2. Great shot Elaine! Nice poetry too ;^)The photo blog is looking sharp too!

  3. nice serene scene with a low sun. the glare on the left is a bit distracting, but i love the lines and shadows 🙂

  4. It is a beautiful shot, but somehow I get the feeling of loneliness from it. A bike with out a child seems incomplete, almost sad. The beauty of art is in the beholder and for me a sense just that missing element

  5. I was happy the atmosphere that woke up in this photograph. But also I liked saw was flare that was beautiful. Regards from Yogyakarta INDONESIA.

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