The world’s greatest tricycle rider

is in my heart, riding like a wildchild,

no hands, almost upside down, along

the walls and over the high curbs

and stoops, her bell rapid-firing,

the sun spinning in her spokes like a flame.

8 comments on “Tricycle”

  1. At this second, frozen in time, this instant…EVERYTHING to come, all the joy, all the pain, all the LOVE waits to unfold. Yesterday I was a child, today I am a man…that instant passed so quickly

  2. The DaddyUrsus is a paul-or bear. And he loves your work and words.

  3. I remember when my son played with his trike, it would keep him busy for hours.

  4. Excellent capture and the sepia processing adds an old feel to it. A moment kept in time.

  5. The trike is long gone but this picture still makes me smile…

  6. Lovely picture Elaine. She is so adorable reminds me of my granddaughter. They are so very precious.

  7. The photograph with angle that was interesting with crop that was tight. Will be more interesting if the left hands could be seen intact and not in crop. IMHO. Regards fro Yogyakarta INDONESIA.

  8. She’s beautiful. I like the “at play” portrait.:-)

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