The Driveway

Deena Linett

The Tiger in the Driveway

is trying to escape the carousel and stands chained

to the trunk of a dogwood in the suburbs

fourteen miles from Vancouver. Bright

in his new coat of paint, his racing stripes

blend with the mix of light and shade,

his likeness, and only slightly less dangerous.

10 comments on “The Driveway”

  1. Car shots are hard to pull off, but I like this one. Brilliant blue!

  2. Only slightly less dangerous…I like that:-) Wonderful how you included the beautiful growth in this killer shot of the car. I like the crack in the cement too. I’m easily amused:-)

  3. I like shots of things that are not really about that thing. I like this. Not just a shot of car or concrete or flora. It is a slice of the world. I love that intense colour.

  4. Nice shot Elaine. Many interesting elements for sure.

  5. he’s begging to be taken out for a stroll.. won’t you heed his call? 😀

  6. Nice rich colors and good composition. Great job.

  7. Although seldom was seen, but I believed this one carport that was beautiful was full of plants. Happy very much saw the green crop in this photograph. The blue colour became the accent that was strong in this photograph. Regards from Yogyakarta INDONESIA.

  8. If I didn’t know any better, I would have guess this was a pool toy! Beautiful colors.

  9. Very cool. I like the punched up colours.And the little poems are priceless…

  10. Nice angle on this shot – great colours

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