Snow Blindness

This cold blanketed silence

when last flakes land,

settles into my conformity

as puzzle piece, leaves hand.

This picture’s complete

a reflection in my mind,

I’m lost in barren thought

sun glares me, snow blind.

No direction, this puzzle

boarders end in white,

numb of all emotions

no colors in my night.

Snowfields forever lost

sanity too high a cost.

7 comments on “Snow Blindness”

  1. Hm, I’m not sure about this one. It’s somehow nice but somehow strange. Can’t explain it 😉 Maybe I’d done it with less contrast and reduced noise. Snow flakes on photos often look like heavy sensor noise (though that’s not the case here, I think).

  2. Very artsy image. Hard to believe it won’t be much longer and you’ll be covered with snow. I had my fill of snow as a child in Ohio. Can’t take the cold.

  3. this’ll be what i see when i first wake up in a dark room and go out in a bright snowy field.. 😀

  4. Excellent work, strange development, good result, magnificent image!

  5. If your going for snow blindness you have succeeded 🙂 I thought my laptop screen was a bit dark, but you convinced me otherwise 😉 Now for the picture… It becomes a bit too washed out for me, however I certainly can “see” the snow in it. It is different, and different isnt all that bad. Being from Norway, we did occasionally have a lot of snow… living in Indianapolis, we do not.. I miss it…sometimes. Your picture did bring back memories of snow, I like that 🙂

  6. White hot !! and blinding !!

  7. Pretty cool image girl!! Love the contrasts. I can remember winters like this as a kid. You captured it well!!

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