Back Pain

My back today is killing me, I need an x-ray.

Seems I requested of you folks down south,

To keep this cold away, I should have used my loud-mouth…

I got on a pain patch,

To my lower back it is attached,

I took two of my pain pills,

I cannot seem to with them in my system, focus…

Is an x-ray just more hocus pocus?

I felt this pain yesterday,

many yesterdays, of bleak hopelessness

oh how i wish it would go away

and leave me in wholeness.

Oh me.

13 comments on “Back Pain”

  1. Nice composition and conversion. It fits the capture well including your poem 🙂

  2. nice poem to accompany this shot.. some days i can totally relate to it.. 🙂

  3. Cool street scene…I hope your back feels better.

  4. It’s a great BW shot, perfect gray tones.

  5. Looks like it was a bone-chilling day. Maybe a soak in the hot tub will help. Nice tones.

  6. A picture with a story. Well composed and with nice tones, like the B&W too…Backpain sucks. I pulled a muscle back there last weekend… almost back to normal now, nowhere near what your hubby been through though (and thank you for that).

  7. I assume they are talking about the parking stall number and not the place they are treating you.

  8. Excellent photo, Elaine and the greyscale was a great choice. Interesting and sad words to accompany this image.

  9. The photograph with the good composition. Liked to see this B&W photograph. I love it. Regards from Yogyakarta INDONESIA.

  10. Nice shot Elaine.Great contrast and processing.What are the white specks on the ground? Snow??

  11. Weather report from Texas. Sunny beautiful 80 degree day. I hope this makes your back feel better. 🙂 Cool photo!!

  12. A superbly done picture, and fits with the story !

  13. Nice shot! Great B&W.

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