in the Elevator

Remember that scene from Eraserhead where he’s waiting

for the elevator doors to close

13 comments on “in the Elevator”

  1. Pretty close to eraserhead ,-) Nice work. Like the detail of the hair almost exposing out in the top of his forhead.

  2. Stunning portrait shot Elaine. Like the creative processing, very unique image.

  3. I’m not familiar with that movie, but clever to put it with this image:-) Neat post:-)

  4. Hard processing giving a unique effect, cool !

  5. Whoa!! is he going to pass out?

  6. I didn’t see the movie either, Elaine, but this sure has that punked-out look. 🙂

  7. I agreed with the opinion from Mike. A photograph that in the process well that produced the unique photograph and have a character. The sweet composition. Regards from Yogyakarta Indonesia.

  8. Seems like everything has been said here… hard processing that gives it the grainly look works well. I was going to say something about how big his… then I remembered my own… so I’ll let it pass 😉

  9. just googled it.. a really old movie.. i wasn’t even born yet.. 😀 looks interesting though.. very nice portrait! love the processing on this one.. 😀

  10. lol… looks like his sniffin’ around for something and can’t decide if it’s good or bad.Cool shot.

  11. Tooooo close for comfort, Feel like I’m stuffed in the elevator stuck facing a stranger. very nice composition. You really came through with this compostion and drama added

  12. Cool shot, nice processing!

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