To watch a woman dying that

wants to live.

You look inside yourself and feel ashamed

and embarrassed of your own pain.

To see her struggle to lift her head.

This is the end of the spree.

A later eulogy.

A tear left in some alleyway.

The night steers its course.

No end…

No end…


40 comments on “Heroin…”

  1. I love the look of this shot Elaine.It is a powerful composition.I also like the processing. There is a great graininess to the shot.

  2. Well now this is a dark and gloomy picture, well composed with excellent tones and graininess. A great capture of a dark subject (often overlooked because it is more convenient that way). You have managed to convey this problem in a very convincing way. Well done 🙂

  3. Wow!! Awesome shot!!

  4. WOW Elaine, this is superb on so many levels, not only does it convey such sadness and sorrow and desolution of how drugs have robbed this souls life, but I also feel your helplessnes as a photographer that can only portay the pain and the loss but cannot help. So many lives are ruined by drugs, this is a brave reminder for us to LIVE our lives… your processing serves this image in that the absense of colour and the rough tones lets us feel the absense of life and the rough, raw emotion, it delivers a message right to the core, well done! This is brave and absolutely brilliant!

  5. Sad and seen too often on the streets everywhere. Your processing really lends itself to the subject.

  6. What an awesome photo!! You can just feel how sad and depressing this scene is. You captured the grim reality so well. Love your photography!!

  7. Sad photo but a great capture, well done!

  8. franchement impressionnant

  9. quelle tristesse !!

  10. Une atmosphère de toute beauté sur cette photo.

  11. Sad words for a strong image!I love the grain in this.

  12. this is a powerful one! strong in message, a good composition & the B&W works just great with the subject.

  13. impressive shot

  14. Great shot Elaine! It shatters me. The image is hard and smooth, it brings a lot of emotion. The composition is very good, the oblique wall showing the precarity… I like it SwissCharles


  16. Terrible subject but this image is phemonemnal and symbolic. Congratulation!

  17. Really impressive and wonderfuly shot

  18. The b/w contrasts the motif so well. Very strong motif. Well captured. Sadly…, no one wants to see images like this. Too afraid to be reminded of the less fortunate in our society.we need to be reminded every day.

  19. Sad subject, but I like the grainy effect.

  20. Holy Crap ELaine that is awesome! You nailed this one – I mean the subject matter is depressing as hell but it is a reality. That is what this photo captures reality and the grain is awesome.

  21. Very sad shot Elaine, love the way you have taken it into B & W – have been working one afternoon a week with ex drug users lately so i know how depressed they can get… well done. Les

  22. The b&w coupled with the graininess have transformed this into an art piece. It is sad, but presented so well.

  23. a fabulous composition Elain and a very artistic processing! the poem adds just enough soul to make it speak!

  24. I like the theme, the framing and the grain – a great image

  25. Wow this is a great but very depressing shot. I love the grittiness and grain in this shot. Nice Job.

  26. This is a very depressing photo. It was well shot to show the emotions.

  27. Very powerful and moving frame. The grains add to the harshness of the mood. Cheers!

  28. A very depressing shot indeed, but such is reality.. It’s a bit troublesome to shoot someone under the influence but it’s a good thing that this one’s knocked out.. nicely done & great processing as well.. ;D

  29. Heartbreaking picture to see this person suffering in their own personal hell. They are not choosing to live this way, no one would. They are suffering and need help. Hopefully, that is the reason for this picture and not to criticize or condemn these lost souls. Please help them!!!

  30. John, of course it’s not to criticize, can’t you tell? can’t you feel my empathy? I was afraid to post the picture, but if it can be a message that might help.. then i had to… perish the thought of criticizing and condemning people who are in chains!

  31. I wonder how many times in the course of a day we walk by a scene such as this. It’s not until we see it in this way, that we realize the reality of the situation for many. Thanks for reminding us all to stop and take pause. Poignant.

  32. Very strong image!

  33. Very sad image but brilliantly composed. The softness adds a lot to it.

  34. love it. really nice shot !

  35. Powerful shot.Very sad.

  36. your pictures are just getting better and better

  37. Well first, Great to see you back!!!! :)A powerful one to start with, one to make us think.

  38. one of your best photographs, elaine. you have composed and toned it the right way. the picture talks for itself, without any captions. strong and powerful.

  39. Life is so beautiful but sometimes some don’t find any pleasure

  40. very powerful, elaine. everyone does what they need to doto make sense of their lives. even if it makes no sense to them.

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