I liked my husband’s hair when it was just growing out, only long enough to change direction under the pressure of my hand.. I’ll bet God does that with wheat fields, runs His hand back and forth over them, because it feels neat.. and just think, we thought it was the wind!

17 comments on “Grow”

  1. I’m confused. Is this before he shaved it or has it already grown this much?

  2. Une étonnante série, mais un joli ton de gris.

  3. Nice lighting and tones!

  4. Lovely light in this image my friend, just stunning, great tone, this light is perfect for b&w, you have processed this really well, great work!

  5. I just love how your mind works and you sure know your way with combining words with images.Great use of light in this one.

  6. I agree with Angeliqe!Bravo!

  7. Really nice lighting. He did grow some hair back out 🙂 Nice work

  8. Love the shape and form..and how you’ve used light to highlight his body. Nice!!


  10. Nice template Elaine, very unique. Great shot, like the lighting and contrasts.

  11. What a nice thought – God runs His hand back and forth – because it feels neat.. We will never be able to see a wheat fields again without looking if we can spot his hand….We like that imagination!And a great shot, nicely converted to black and white!

  12. Another nice one, good tones and great light. Very nice in B&W. And he… nevermind. Great capture 🙂

  13. PERFECT WORDS TO DESCRIBE THIS SHOT Lovely B & W shot as well Les

  14. I hope this was not a nude session and your going to post those next. You just keep those for your private collection. 🙂

  15. i like how you think.. 🙂 i haven’t thought about that god’s hand thingy you mentioned.. nice shot too.. lighting is great! he seems to love to sleep on the sofa.. lol.. 🙂

  16. beuatiful light

  17. just beautifully done! i love the roughness of this shot — but the mood and lighting is so intimate! and such beautiful accompanying thoughts as well! just brilliant!

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