This bed is on fire

With passionate love

The neighbors complain
about the noises they heard

You’re driving me crazy,
when are you coming home




(I make myself laugh) 🙂
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18 comments on “Laid”

  1. We must have been thinking alike tonight. I post a pic of Abigail. Hadn’t planned to, but it just struck me to do that:-) I can tell she’s spoiled. She has that look. Precious capture.

  2. Hehe our pets mean so much to us. She looks very smug and satisfied. Nice one 😉

  3. That’s adorable, she’s a great model 😀

  4. Interesting post processing. The colors came out great.

  5. How cute is this shot , nice & snug

  6. This puppy is sweet and beautiful!She looks very happy :)))

  7. But – this is puppy or a little dog?

  8. Nice capture. She looks very content there, and your processing fits the poem nicely 🙂 like the way you have pushed the levers to create the oversaturated grungy effect.Well done you!

  9. She looks like a sweetheart.:-)

  10. hehe.. that’s cute.. she wants you to scratch her tummy.. 🙂

  11. She couldn’t be more comfortable if you gave her 3 pillows and an eiderdown duvet. She just needs tucking in. Very cute image, Elaine.

  12. Heheh, looking very comfy 🙂

  13. They say – a dogs life, well just look how warm and cozy he he. Nice shot.

  14. Oh behave. Far out and Groovy processing.

  15. Tooo cute, very cool processing, love the expression!! Great capture!

  16. Too Too comfy.

  17. Interesting processing on this one Elaine.

  18. Interesting technique. It adds quite a bit to the photo. I can definitely tell that you love that pup!!

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