No Birds, No flowers

If there were no birds to cheer in my tears

if there were no song to sing a lullaby

if there were no flowers to bloom and blush in my days and nights

Who will pluck the wonders of wisdom

who will kiss the feathers of life and death

who will burn the light of eternal fire?

edited to be less offensive…

poem by: Kamaruzzaman

29 comments on “No Birds, No flowers”

  1. Or a nice place to attach your kids if you want to know where you left them πŸ˜‰ Naah an awful thing. I can come up with a number of purposes for that hook. However it was the tones and the vigenette I was impressed by. Nice work Elaine πŸ™‚

  2. When I read your title I thought, “I’ve considered it”. Then I read your description and laughed so I guess I’ll put that on hold for at least another day.

  3. Totally awesome shot!! Love the angle and the colors. It’s just a great view and you worked it well.

  4. a weird one. but great PP.

  5. Nice angle, interesting shot!

  6. Your description is the first thing I think when I see this picture, great shot

  7. hahhaa, what a considerate park that provides hooks for your hammocks, do people take them down there? I would not have known what it wasn had you not mentioned, I have never seen anything like that here. Wonderful crisp focus and detail El, thanks for making me smile!

  8. Nice sturdy design too…

  9. Your park is so thoughtful to provide such amenities. And you have done their thoughtfulness justice with this fine, well composed image.

  10. They thought about everything (;))Excellent focus on the thing and perfect angle to feel involved… It’s a grave image, but we laught (colors are helping us). Well seen!Swisscharles

  11. Very nice shot. But for me it’s the branches in the background looking like ink blots that give the whole thing a surreal feeling.

  12. the hook itself may be a little strange and dark for in a park, but the way you have captire dit is stunning, greta perspective, and the mix of light and shadow on the tree, plus the vignette make a strong image

  13. ..i’ll pass.. ;’ve got a wild imagination elaine.. methinks it’s a place for serial killers to hang you in with a butcher’s hook.. lol.. enough morbidity for today though.. you’ve shot this well, i like how it’s composed with the trunk and the pine needles..

  14. It looks like a beautiful tree. Putting objects on trees like this many times kills a tree. I don’t suppose they considered that.:-(

  15. lol! Scary shot of this hanging post! I like the processing you did though, sort of Hitchcock! πŸ™‚

  16. Wow, parks there are dangerous! I like it!

  17. very nice PP. and lol on your description. πŸ˜€

  18. I can think of a few people i would hang on it Elaine, ell taken shot, Thanks for your comment on Hurry…Les

  19. I love black humour. This is funny and btw perfectly composed

  20. Great lighting. I like the soft feel to this one.

  21. Encore une photo bien Γ©tonnante.

  22. Elaine, what the macabre title of picture!!! I am for this, that it is then chuck to fixing children’s swing. Provocative title, but intriguing survey and pretty frame.

  23. Hang a bird feeder and provide food for the living creatures of the world.

  24. Excellent, love the vignette and the light and shadow play around the hook, along with the nice green color on the frame.Oh and I liked your first text the best πŸ™‚

  25. Great shot!

  26. Wonderful shot and great processing!

  27. Perfect use of light combined with tricky PP work ;)Love it!!!

  28. I do like this one Elaine!The hook stands out nicely ;^)

  29. Nice angles and light…the soft focus and muted colour works well. It’s one of those moments where we stop and take pause.

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