Mobile Homes

REMORSE -A painful sadness

Can’t fit big screen TV through

Double-wide’s front door

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  1. C’est un vrai paquebot, beau cliché !

  2. there is an odd ethereal feel- but thats a good thing!

  3. ce ciel met en valeur le tout. génial

  4. I never thought of that:-( I like your processing again in this one. It’s all nice, but especially the streaks in the sky.

  5. Nice processing, cool textures and tones!

  6. Is that mobile? I thought they are the ones with big wheels on. Anyway I like the image, I like the greyish sky.

  7. another hdr right? it seems a very relaxing garden

  8. Really nice processing on this shot. Looks almost other-worldly!

  9. Love the grey tones and the ethereal glow. Very nice!

  10. Nice one Elaine. The details of the house and the lawn is really nice. Though I think I would have prefered the orginal sky, it looks like you cut away some color depth. Nice work 🙂

  11. Wonderful processing (HDR? I need to try that one of these days) and warm yet eerie feel. You capture moods wonderfully Elaine! Cheers!

  12. Just leave the Big screen outside on the porch. You can watch it through the glass door. That’s what I do.

  13. Another great example of a HDR shot. I like the white line through the sky, I’m assuming from a plane.

  14. big screen tv? hehe.. i wish i had one of those.. 😀 nice treatment of this one.. cross processed? 🙂

  15. Nice capture – I too like the way you captured the details of the home and garden. I really think the colours are perfect!

  16. Wow!! Is that a HDR or a tone mapping? Feels like a lazy afternoon’s dream 🙂

  17. really nice processing. looks like you’re having fun with HDR. 😀

  18. Next beautiful picture in “wooden” series! This time on emphasis załuguje seizing on sky trail. Splendid colours are also and light. Bravo Elaine!

  19. The picture does have a nice glow about it. Are these located near a nuclear power plant? 🙂

  20. Great HDR Lots of detail very nice well done!

  21. another beauty!! this HDR gives a surrealistic presence to the sky — looks metallic and endless! and the grass just glows!! i love it! 😉 i need to try a few of these too! bravo!

  22. Superb processing, nice compos, I like this one! Bty, you completely changed your style since 3-4 post :-)SwissCharles

  23. Your processing gives this a cool gray tone, I like the glow around the houses.

  24. Wonderful HDR, you are so good at these, the tones are rich and I like how the tones of the sky match the tones of the house, it sets of the green grass beautifully, well done Elaine!

  25. Another nice HDR, nice foreground and colors. if I where to be a bit picky, I feel that the house gets a bit too cartoonish and the white around the hose holder etc is a bit distracting. But thats nitpicking, and since I cant make anything like this… who am I to nitpick 🙂

  26. wonderful processing, wonderful detail throughout, A lovely HDR work, I need to try doing one sometime, well I have tried before but messed it up bigtime LOL

  27. I love the detail and vibrance in this one. Your post-processing is really quite good!

  28. great light in this shot – I like the pp.

  29. Interesting. Love the streaks in the sky. The shot makes it almost surreal. The colors are stunning the way they make the contrasts and effects.

  30. the heart of ‘ this..

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