My Desire

Chameleon, by Daniel

Green heart, blue skin

All these years I fought for you

Inside of me: green or blue

I’ve lost the battle, you could not see

Green, blue, it’s only me

This picture shows my desire to be just like blue chameleon when i grow up 🙂 she said ‘absolutely not, for the job is taken’.. i stuck out my lip with a pout, and she said ‘well you could TRY’.. hope streamed into my heart, that’s all i wanted, was to try, for nobody can be bc, not even me, who so desperately wants to be 🙂

26 comments on “My Desire”

  1. It’s a beautiful capture and I don’t even like snow…lolSo, what I mean by that is, since I don’t like snow, but I like the image…it’s a superb capture. Very soft processing.

  2. this is mystical and magical Elaine! i am sure BC will be impressed! I am too! wonderful b/w conversion and i love the awkward glow!! 🙂

  3. Nice bw photo, love the softness, it’s so dreamy!

  4. Nice effect, I like the way those bubbles hide in the sky.

  5. Splendid B & W! Super frame. Elaine, you caused with picture, that I missed for snow and winter 🙂

  6. there is a kind of dream state in this softness..

  7. A rather beautiful effect, a dreamy feeling which soothes and pleases. Like marshmallow seeping over the scene. Love it

  8. Your processing has pushed this image giving it the softness attained by vintage cameras,but the imperfections become perfect in a shot like this.

  9. Unusual and original, Elaine. Pretty daring processing for sure.

  10. You have snow already? What a surprise. A fine capture & has been described by others so well. A mystical & charming quality.

  11. I like the blurred-mysterious effect. It’s gives a strange ‘already seen’ memory feeling. Nice shot! SwissCharles

  12. Ah Elaine…this is fabulous as always. You do have a style all of your own you see, and your work is wonderfully original. Thanks so much for your kind words always…nice processing here, I’m hoping for a ton of the white stuff this winer. You know, if I didn’t know any better, I’d think this was a holga shot! Nice, nice, nice….thanks again Elaine. Just be yourself 🙂

  13. Superb B&W conversion. It almost looks unworldly!

  14. wonderful capture and processing as always such a lovely soft and mystical feel to it

  15. Thanks, Elaine, the Am3 series of double exposures were mostly luck and happenstance and, I guess, that is the whimsy of Holga and stale-dated film. Thank you for your kind VFXY fave; I’ve reciprocated. Your Pixelpost blog work is smashing. I am now, officially, a follower and a fan! Cheers!

  16. Great procesing here, is this snow, or just the processing either way it’s very nice. Teh vignetting effect along with the B&W works very well. 🙂

  17. So dreamy..mystical..magical.Love the processing.

  18. Great contrasts, b&w really works great here 🙂

  19. Bonsoir,very intriguing shot..Original shot..bravo!

  20. vERY UNIQUE!

  21. is that snow? already? eew.. here comes the cold again.. why be bluechameleon when you can become totallylikeme (that sounds weird).. but you get my point, right? 😉 very dreamy shot.. b&w processing suits this just fine.. 🙂

  22. I love it! Great smooth processing and BW works great!

  23. Snow??? It looks so surreal, Elaine.

  24. Love the processing and the bw Elaine. It looks like an old time favorite photo. Great job on composing this one.

  25. I really like the processing work you did here! Its like the inside of a snowglobe!

  26. Super cool and very creative shot you!

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