out the window

She says being a kid requires thinking time
and staring out of windows is part of that.
Windows are good for observing people too.

One day recently
– free of the usual obligations she has as a friendly child
– She said she stared out of the window all day.
She explained to me that Jesus recommends it.

Loosely Quoted from Anna Horsley

happy birthday Blair!! xoxox

34 comments on “out the window”

  1. brilliant blue eyes! 🙂 i always wanted to do a macro shot of blue eyes.. maybe you could do it for me.. lol! wow, i’m the first to comment too.. whee!

  2. Stellar shot Elaine!! One of the best and most original portraits I’ve seen in such a long time!!

  3. wow!!! i agree w/ BC!! holy mackerel! just faaabulous!! you got madd skillz woman!! this is simply from another dimension!!! yahoo!!! bravo!!!

  4. Looks like a being from another space and time, like futuristic, very cool, I like it!

  5. Rather hauntingly beautiful. Very creative. Love the processing

  6. You choose such sensitive subjects. Beautiful!P.S.: Thank you for commenting on my site

  7. Wonderful sweet image. Love the vignetting light..and I couldn’t agree more with your quote. Daydreaming is a necessary part of a child’s inner life.

  8. What a brilliant portrait, the light is incredible and your processing on her eye is amazing. I love the thoughtful look on her face. Super my friend, bravo!

  9. supeb portrait

  10. A contemplative look. Her eyes are an outstanding shade of blue. Fantastic portrait.:-)

  11. Cute. Nice point of view and expression.

  12. A terrific shot and the perfect illustration of your quote. Yep, stairing out the window seems like a good thing….probably something we should all do a bit more often.

  13. Very nice Elaine!I love the heavy vignette. The eye looks like a crystal! Very cool!

  14. She’s a beautiful little girl. All of her features are perfect and those striking blue eyes…wonderful portrait.

  15. Thanks for making me smile…And for the Birthday wishes too!

  16. Goes to show how we should always cherish our youth years. I sure did, and would do anything to go back nowadays! Great lighting and colors on this portrait Elaine!

  17. I really like the colours in this photo. Good job.

  18. What a wonderful portrait, you have captured the dreaminess in the eyes as well as the posture. The vignetting and the rest of the processing is great as well. Verr very nice!

  19. Very nice processing, I love the “intense” colors in this shot.

  20. I agree with bluechhameleon. Excellent portrait!

  21. Great work, nice lighting too!

  22. Really nice portrait. Amazing processing work!

  23. simple amazing portrait, wonderful lighting and those blue eyes wow

  24. Superb photography! I love this one.

  25. Superb dreaming portrait, with stunning eyes. I like your new style, a little more processed. SwissCharles

  26. Beautiful Elaine, very dreamy, just love the tones 🙂

  27. des yeux dans les rêves bleus. un superbe traitement

  28. Lovely picture Elaine. The processing is rather unique for a portrait shot, excellent work!

  29. “you will surprised, while looking out a window, just how creative our mother is. Its the little things that hold the most significance.” I love this picture not only for how it looks but for what it potrays.

  30. excellent…i love antural light portraits like this.

  31. Ahhhhh!!!!

  32. Very bizarre image – Ziggy came from Mars but in photography, great great work !!

  33. i have to mention those eyes… how much did you doctor them

  34. The portrait and the quote go so well together. Beautiful.

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