She says being a kid requires thinking time
and staring out of windows is part of that.
Windows are good for observing people too.

One day recently
– free of the usual obligations she has as a friendly child
– She said she stared out of the window all day.
She explained to me that Jesus recommends it.

Loosely Quoted from Anna Horsley

happy birthday Blair!! xoxox

34 thoughts on “out the window

  1. brilliant blue eyes! 🙂 i always wanted to do a macro shot of blue eyes.. maybe you could do it for me.. lol! wow, i’m the first to comment too.. whee!

  2. Wonderful sweet image. Love the vignetting light..and I couldn’t agree more with your quote. Daydreaming is a necessary part of a child’s inner life.

  3. Goes to show how we should always cherish our youth years. I sure did, and would do anything to go back nowadays! Great lighting and colors on this portrait Elaine!

  4. What a wonderful portrait, you have captured the dreaminess in the eyes as well as the posture. The vignetting and the rest of the processing is great as well. Verr very nice!

  5. “you will surprised, while looking out a window, just how creative our mother is. Its the little things that hold the most significance.” I love this picture not only for how it looks but for what it potrays.

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