Fall’s Bloom

This flower attracting, bearing man’s blessing and burdens.

To be seen in our piety and our complete inadequate nakedness

Be able to stand here with fig leaf and loathsome shame

To face the burden of our aching aggressive self

Within the beauty of our gentled palm

See life and death, either as blessing or scorn.

by Sarah P.

28 comments on “Fall’s Bloom”

  1. Lovely flower picture, like the strong colors in this. Well done 🙂

  2. ooh — just splendid!! amazing color — and i love the post production–gorgeous use of light here! it is magical and timeless!!

  3. Nice lighting and colours, great shot!

  4. Elaine, something of new, joyful! He gives optimism and belief that the spring will come soon…:) The pretty picture!Cheers!Bea

  5. i love the delicacy of those yellows and the blurred petals

  6. Nice details and great colors in autumn 😉

  7. this is beautiful Elaine

  8. Beautiful flower, I like the yellow tones and the blur

  9. amazingly yellow. great tones here.

  10. Bright, vibrant, lovely.

  11. I would call this one sunshine, excellent lighting and vibrant colors. Really makes my morning shine. Hopefully, it’s a sign for a good day for me today. Thanks Elaine for the pick me up.

  12. Blindingly bright! Love the color!!!!

  13. A stunning bloom with such vibrancy of colors. Fantastic photo:-)

  14. excellent closeup shot.. great colors and i’m loving the radial blur.. gives this shot an explosive oomph to it.. ;D

  15. A high-toned flower! Nice.

  16. Love all the colors and how bright the photo is!

  17. very nice Elaine! love the “warm” processing! really nice. 🙂

  18. Hey! congrats on hitting #1 on hot photoblogs.org !!

  19. Lovely colors, very powerful. Love the treatment 🙂

  20. I’m glad I clicked on your thumbnail to see if you’d posted. (You’re not pinging VFXY and this shot isn’t showing:-)Absolutely gorgeous, Elaine. I love it. Yellow is my favorite color of flower. The soft background is just amazing.

  21. Agree with the majority of your commenters on this one Elaine, the vivid colours are sensational. The space behind and around the thorns grabs my eye particularly. Beautiful balance, a nice even spread of tones… To have this framed on a white wall during autumn, hey 🙂 Awesome, kiddo.

  22. Great macro! Love the colors and framing: it pops up 🙂 SwissCharles

  23. Full of energy and brightness. Great shot!

  24. Love the bright lighting and surrounded by thorns.

  25. Great macro here! Love the details on the yellow and orange colors of this flower! Bravo!

  26. excellent image

  27. Beautiful shot Elaine! The colour and light are so vibrant…and I really love how it still have the feeling of the autumn season. As always…wonderful work and processing!

  28. Lovely, just lovely.

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