Bird’s Eye View



Gregory K.

“Everyone came to my bash,” said the bird.

“I’m adored, as this party confirms.

Nobody hates me.

Everybody likes me.

I guess that I’ll go eat some worms!”

38 comments on “Bird’s Eye View”

  1. Great birds eye view, your processing is excellent as awlays, really like the grainy look. Well done

  2. Elaine — what a faabulous view!! an amazing composition to be sure!! and the color toning is so intriguing!! HDR? faaaabulous!!! 😀

  3. A stunning view, brought alive with the wonderful processing

  4. I thought you must have been flying to have captured this photo. The poem confirmed it:-) The highway appears to be suspended in mid-air. Stunning.

  5. What a beautiful view.I adore the dramatic colors and prespective.Sorry for not commenting all this time, I promise to try and make it better 😉

  6. Awesome view, beautifully composed, lovely tones!

  7. Fabulous. the road looks like it is racing through the countryside.

  8. I am impressed by the level of detail you have on the shoreline opposite the river/lake in the horizont. Likewise in the lightshafts from the clouds. The composition is completed by the highway that takes the eye into the picture towards the water. Excelllent work!

  9. stunning shot, wonderful contrapposition between colours and gray tones

  10. I like feeling a bird 🙂 Well done, nice perspective, I love the motorway penetrating…SwissCharles

  11. Very Nice. Seems washed out, but still full of colour at the same time.

  12. Great Picture and Mood…! I like especially the kind of colours and the framing…!

  13. Beautiful view! You have nicely recorded the atmosphere of the landscape as well. Splendid work!

  14. very nice composition and perspective.. very nice toning too.. is this your town?

  15. The miraculous view! Perfect frame and excellent processing. Great work!

  16. Bonjour,well done composition..and processing..bravo!

  17. Such a glamorous shot Elaine! Every part of this photo is heavily detailed to the max, excellent work! Love it!

  18. amazing perspective you have captured here, and your processing is extraordinary as always, when I find time to try and do more than basic editing will be back to check out your posts for inspiration

  19. I like the colors, the mood and the pov – great work

  20. Love the processing and point-of-view. So – tell me – when was the last time you flew on a bird’s wings?!?!? (HA!) Wonderful image!

  21. Magnificent landscape Elaine, outstanding. Love the tones and the detail 🙂

  22. Wow Elaine! I love the dark and moody atmosphere you have created! The tones are perfect bring out the roads and bridges so well. I’m trying to get my barings here, but yes, I do think I know where this might be. Excellent work!

  23. Wonderful birds eye view. I’ll pass on the worms.

  24. WOW! This is fantastic. I echo the praises of those who commented before me.

  25. un beau travail de cadrage et de post-traitement

  26. There’s a mystery to this image – the processing adds drama and depth.

  27. Wonderful view! Thanks for sharing.

  28. Beautiful perspective!

  29. Superb composition, tones, processing… Great picture!

  30. This is truly a wonderfull picture…no photo but picture. I think you have been able to create a very good piece of art. Especially the dramatic sky and the moving traphic are eyecatchers.well done!

  31. Wow amazing birds eye view. Love the processing work you did on this one!

  32. Wonderful! I love the processing!

  33. Great composition and cool processing!

  34. Great shot,love the processing.:)

  35. Love the tones in the shot, i adore the sense of movement this picture conveys, very effective piece of photography. 🙂

  36. Very Good Work!This is both great in composition and post processing.Think our favorite!!Well done!

  37. Love the stunning view and treatment! And what a successful choice about using brownish tone.

  38. Great shot. I like that you resisted the temptation to ‘brighten it up’. Very nice shot.

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