The old country wives, however, who are the best judges of
these matters, maintain to this day that Ichabod was spirited
away by supernatural means; and it is a favorite story often told
about the neighborhood round the winter evening fire. The bridge
became more than ever an object of superstitious awe; and that
may be the reason why the road has been altered of late years, so
as to approach the church by the border of the mill-pond. The
schoolhouse being deserted soon fell to decay, and was reported
to be haunted by the ghost of the unfortunate pedagogue and
the plough-boy, loitering homeward of a still summer evening,
has often fancied his voice at a distance, chanting a melancholy
psalm tune among the tranquil solitudes of Sleepy Hollow.

by Washington Irving

37 comments on “Jack-O’s”

  1. ARGHH! I jumped when I heard the Scary music cuz I had my speakers up loud 🙂 Love the processing you did on this! It makes the pumpkins look spooky!

  2. Good combination of image and words:-)

  3. haha! 🙂 faaabulous!! great pic — i wasn’t expecting the music though — yikes!! 😀

  4. Nice application of the grains. You really make this photo look nostalgic and old, very traditional-looking Halloween theme =)

  5. Nice bw photo, love the pumpkins! Happy Halloween!

  6. Une belle photo d’actualité.

  7. This is a very space photo … looks liuke an old newspaper ! I like it !

  8. You know Elaine, you surprise the most favourably favorably it how was can only! Super!

  9. winning combination!great!

  10. Good ol’ Jack Skellington the pumpkin king. Nicely with halloween comming up 😉

  11. Great scary black & white

  12. I always get frightened when clikcking thru my favourite blogs and suddenly music starts from somewhere :)Anyway cool shot, I like the composition and this left-the-photo-in-my-pocket-and-it-was-washed-out-with- the-pants style of processing

  13. Perfect combination of image, words and music too! Love the processing

  14. Very original and very clever and the music OMG! FREAKED ME OUT!!! Hahaha, happy happy halloween you hilarious girl you!

  15. A fine spooky image. I like the processing. Goes well with that crazy music.

  16. It is cool! My son like it, me too. A very good gaphical capture.

  17. Dude, seriously, do something about that music – all I can think of is the Simpsons episode when Homer passes that busload of violinists 😉 Cool tree shadow in the pic btw. Happy Halloween!

  18. LOVE the processing. So timeless..and so very very good!!!!

  19. the music also caught me byy suprise lOLvery cool capture and awesome processingHappy Halloween

  20. Fantastique! You are one artist! The treatment result have creepy mood. Thank to share.

  21. I like the psycho theme!

  22. That looks like an opening scene for some 80′ horror movie :)Love the “dirty” feeling of it, nicely done

  23. Very cool Elaine. It’s like an illustration from an old history book. Bravo to you!

  24. Yeah good job – these jack-o-lanterns actually freak me out. Or maybe its the pumpkins because they have no face and thats even worse. oh how I heart B&W

  25. That is one Psycho shot. Very original and the music is a great touch.

  26. A first class post. Great photograph and reference to one of my fave films, Sleepy Hollow. Superb

  27. It has the look of being sketched. You do so many fun things with your photoblog. So fitting for the day.

  28. Very creative and spooky! Are you related to the Bates family? 🙂

  29. Great grainy b/w, with solid darks! I LOVE their faces.SwissCharles

  30. Lol, very fitting sound track 🙂

  31. Excellent Halloween pic, really got the old picture feel to it, makes “spooky”, great processing… really like it.

  32. Very grim processing Elaine. Scary, out of a Stephen King novel 🙂

  33. WAAH!! you got me! my speakers were full blast blaring that psycho tune.. lol.. that’s funny though, gave me a good laugh.. 😛 happy halloween to you too.. 🙂

  34. Au secours… !Effet garanti … C’est génial! Vraiment original. J’adore!

  35. very nice processing and theme

  36. un traitement très énergique qui met bien le sujet en valeur. elles sont super les petites citrouilles sur l’étagère

  37. Ah, the psycho theme took me by complete surprise. Great presentation….great post.

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