Special Place

My husband and I always had sectional couches

So we could both lie down and watch tv

when we got rid of one, we brought the futon in from the bedroom

later we got another sectional, but the futon remained on the other side of the room

Then I had the brilliant idea to move the futon across from the tv

and bend it out into bed position with the head up at an angle

So we could stretch out and watch tv!

smoke ‘in bed’

eat popcorn in bed

but to my surprise we mostly just lie on there

with the tv off, staring into each other’s eyes

cuddling with the dog

My husband says it was my best idea yet

because this is the stuff memories are made of

So that’s my special place…

it was time to get my photography back to a bit of normalcy anyway 🙂

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34 comments on “Special Place”

  1. What a cuddly story, and a great special place. 🙂 Well documented, like the vignetting too. 🙂

  2. Yeah I agree nice vignetting – and I like the way the brown and white look on this photo. John

  3. That’s very sweet, Elaine. Perfect for the challenge too. Very nice:-)

  4. BRAVO!!! my bed is certainly a very special place on a daily basis — sleeping is only a small fraction of what i use my bed for — mostly reading, listening to music, photoshop, am3 blogging, eating sometimes… just faaabulous!! bravo again!!! xoxo

  5. I realised a long time ago that a bed is more than just a sleeping place, and as we spend up to a third of our lives sleeping, or lying down, we invested in a huge thing for comfort and to stop my long legs hanging over the ends! Ha haThat looks a comfy, dosy, cuddly place to me, Elaine. Nicely processed, warm and inviting.Have yourself a super weekend 🙂

  6. Special place indeed for rest and relaxation. =D

  7. Love the brown color and texture ;)And I love the new corner graphic, looks pretty and clean!Great work sweetie 🙂

  8. sweet words, very nice pics

  9. Great shot! Bien vu le vignettage qui met en valeur LE petit détail … ! Un joli cliché Elaine!

  10. So devine, knew someone had to post it, love it! Thanks for pariticipating in the challenge El!

  11. Without the romantic story I couldn’t decipher the image. I understand perfectly now!

  12. Cool framing and processing

  13. Very private image. Love it. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  14. Sweet story. Love the surprise detail. Looks like a great place to ‘be’.

  15. beautiful image – I like the detail you picture and the vignette effect

  16. very sweet! 😀 lounging at home sounds like a good idea.. i might as well do that this weekend.. 😀

  17. Too cuddly for me, have a great weekend!

  18. un détail qui fait la différence

  19. Very nicely done and your words make the shot even better.

  20. That’s very sweet, Elaine and I think I’m going to be sick to my stomach. 🙂 I like the concept of your shot and the processing works great. Good job!

  21. Thats a nice story behind an ordinary household item, feels very warm 🙂

  22. Is that a new favicon you got there…totally digg it 🙂

  23. Great picture, very intimate and nicely composed.SwissCharles

  24. Lovely story and nice intimate special place!

  25. very good your interpretation of a special place. I like it a lot!

  26. Cool shot! Eleine, you are very creative and perfect photographer.Cheers!Bea 🙂

  27. Ahhhh.. the bed… so relaxing… nice shot…

  28. I really like the sentiment Elaine…it’s all about those special moments, how they began and how they continue. Nice post with a wonderful feeling 🙂

  29. Great place! Very romantic! I like the processing…

  30. The softness of the photo & colors are fantastic. What a fine place you have for your special place. The tiny ribbon is remarkable.

  31. Well what else would you do….?Nice special place.

  32. Very good place ! nice idea !

  33. amazing lighting here.nice frame.

  34. Wonderful and sweet story, thanks for sharing 🙂

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