I took a bunch of pictures of my niece playing in the leaves and i forgot to set my camera to sport, which would have been the easiest way to do things.. so this is about the only picture that worked out, coz she’s lying still haha

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  1. 🙂 She’s got to be loads of fun. I remember playing in the leaves. Nice capture, Elaine.

  2. Such a playful image this is Elaine! I like the interesting colour effects here! The leaves are wonderfully textured and all their shapes so clear.

  3. Wow….. thats what brings back childhood memories.. no worries, no burden, all play and fun! Beautiful capture I like it a lot!

  4. superb Elaine – such colours and the fun of the moment shines out of the screen

  5. FUN!!! Love the colors and light. A happy image!!!!

  6. That’s sweet! I love it. That’s the young and autumn version of Leibovitz’s Bette Midler in a bed of roses :)))(forget those sport and other settings)

  7. Wooo. Very good and really original!

  8. wonderful fun capture, she sure seems to be having fun in the leaves,

  9. Beautiful colors indeed! And a great composition. The highlight on her head is intriguing me: was it the flash or a post-processing effect?

  10. Really like this, great colors and softness… Looks like shes having great fun. Well done

  11. You’ve changed the page a bit too… nice 🙂

  12. full of pep, eh? well, they’re kids.. hehe.. i like the range of colors.. 🙂 her pallid complexion is a bit scary though.. 😀

  13. very creative. i love to think the autumn that way : warm and pleasant

  14. A fine capture of fall fun.:-)

  15. Heheh,that looks like fun. Lovely colors 🙂

  16. lovely image – excellent theme and colors

  17. The life of a child. That is a wonderful memory to cherish.

  18. Superb fun image, and why not with all those lovely colors 🙂 Lovely image Elaine.

  19. WOW! Again creativelly, fabulous, beautifully… 🙂

  20. Very interesting idea, really. We can almost only see her eyes. The blue face is stunning.Like the leaves rendering.SwissCharles

  21. un beau traitement pour cet habit de feuilles mortes

  22. Hey Elaine – what can I say, *gorgeous* photograph. Wish I shared your confidence for dealing with colour…. ps. – yeah, I thought somehow you’d like ‘Mr Lee’. Girls are *so* predictable. 😉

  23. Excellent colors. I like leaves – This makes me want to go out and jump in some myself

  24. Wow nice photo and looks like fun! I remember doing that back in the day!

  25. Fine colors and a very good capture. Excellent work.

  26. Now that looks like fun!

  27. Wow. Looks like there is no blood going to her head. 🙂

  28. Pretty fun 🙂 Burried in leaves is a wonderful way of expressing autumn. No I haven’t stopped on commenting back 😉

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