Like butterflies, little girls need no excuse.

26 comments on “Girl”

  1. Gorgeous! She has an amazing smile, and a hint of mischief in it too!

  2. Beautiful portrait, nice processing, love it!

  3. Great smile and expression combined with some nice processing. Great work

  4. More than a hint of mischief there. A great portrait and really nice processing.

  5. That is a really interesting bit of processing. Very well done.

  6. Great shot Elaine – I love candid shots like this.

  7. Lovely capture!

  8. Sweet portrait. Love how you’ve framed this..and the textures you’ve used. Really nice!

  9. Yeah, that kid’s up to no good. Get off my lawn!!The frame you use reminds me of those things…you know, for kids. You put a cardboard wheel with little transparencies in it, and it has a lever to advance the frame. I can’t think of what they’re called but they’re red and look a little like binoculars.

  10. real ttv or fake? doesn’t really matter, it’s great!

  11. Beautiful portrait and nice processing.

  12. Love this old school framing, very 70’es!

  13. there is something going on that makes her happy, and you caught the moment.great!

  14. beautiful portrait, a mischievous smile,and superb processing

  15. Lovely portrait, great textures and treatment 🙂

  16. Elaine, Your series of portraits is FANTASTIC! I am under the great impression.

  17. Great Candid photo! Nice work!

  18. Very nice. It’s like she looks over at my keyboard. Love the processing.

  19. This reminds me of a vintage 8mm movie frame, Elaine. That’s a very cool effect.

  20. Like the layers and details that make up each layer. Great work composing this image.

  21. wonderfully unique processing — excellent complexity of physical and psychological treatments!! bravo!!

  22. She’s an angel baby too:-)

  23. Excellent portrait – texture makes it vintageSwissCharles

  24. No, they don’t. Beautiful!

  25. yep, i learned that early in life.. no fair.. 😛 lol! nice work.. 🙂

  26. Wonderful portrait, I like her smile and the post processing. Really good work!

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