What do you Hear?

What is it like up there

above the shut-off level

of our simple ears?

For us there was no birth cry,

the newborn bird is suddenly here,

the egg broken, the nest alive,

and we heard nothing when the world changed.

by Lisel Mueller

27 comments on “What do you Hear?”

  1. awwhhh — the beautiful dear!! a gorgeous ‘vignette’ here — faaabulous color!!

  2. Little eyes that speak of love and devotion….. or is it ‘FEED ME, NOW ” ha haA lovely image, Elaine. A little cutie for sureHave a great day

  3. What a face:-) Her eyes are so serious and the wrinkled, worried look…or begging look. She’s an angel baby.

  4. Aww….great focus on the eyes. Your dog looks a bit guilty.

  5. superbe! il a l’air bien doux ce chien

  6. Sp veru sweet. Love the colors..and how you’ve captured his adoring gaze.

  7. what a cute expression, lovely dog

  8. cute doggy and pov.

  9. The greatest sweetness exists in the heart and actions of animals. They are so much more worthy of affection than most people! Heart warming image!

  10. Lovely shot of this doggy. He looks very thoughtful.

  11. look at that adoring look…sweet!

  12. Awesome. I want a dog so much! As always you’ve taken a “normal” subject and made it interesting.

  13. What a nice picture of a lovely dog..

  14. i’m going for the ‘feed me now’ look.. it’s very convincing.. 😀 nice one! 🙂

  15. Wow! Elaine! She is sweet and the very wise glance has… She is beautiful!

  16. This is to sweet….Agree with DJ.Tigersprout…vignetting creates good focus on the dog

  17. She worships you:-)

  18. What a cutie! I love the vignette effect =D

  19. As soon as they fall asleep I’m heading for the shoes in the closet. 🙂 You’re doggie portraits are cool!

  20. Oh, doesn’t he look sad/hopeful/worried/in love! Gorgeous!!

  21. Well Elaine, I really like this new web page, this is more like you. Lovely picture, such a cute dog. Like the angle of this shot.

  22. nice picture, very nice focus and expression. looks like shes watching you… Well done

  23. Amazing colors in this photo. What a cute dog looks like she is looking right at the camera wondering what is going on!

  24. so sweet resting its head like that the vignette works well here

  25. This is such a sweet shot. What a gentle gaze.

  26. so adorable, i like the dof and the expression.

  27. This is a very cute photo.

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