Baby Pug

For The Love Of A Pug

She knew from the moment she saw your tiny face

That you were right for her and life needed some grace

Your little brown eyes had not quite opened yet

But from the moment she first held you, you were her pet

Shirley Ann Parkerson

23 comments on “Baby Pug”

  1. Nice and cosy picture… looks like she is a bit uncertain as to whats going on 🙂

  2. Such a sad and expressive little face, “Help me, they lock me under the staircase and feed me pins, call the animal rescue squad quickly! “, ha haA little beauty

  3. the gorgeous dear!!! i love this composition — very uniquely done!! excellent lighting and color!!

  4. Cool framing! The dog looks frightened a bit but lovely anyway.

  5. Ohhh, how CUTE, how could not adore such a gorgeous face! Nice portrait of your baby! :o)

  6. tooooooooo cute, I love this kind of dog

  7. Very sweet….love the soft colors.

  8. Aww how cute! Love the dogs eyes!

  9. A lovely image of this sensitive baby of a pup.

  10. is this a new pup looks so small and unsure of itself, beautiful capture

  11. What a face:-) Sweet baby.

  12. Such cuteness.

  13. Beautiful shot, gives a very warm feeling 🙂

  14. new addition to your family? 🙂 she’s cute! 😀

  15. very beautiful dog – nice picture

  16. Wow !!! The amazing dog…sweet, wise, nice! I adore Your dogs portraits!

  17. I love the expression of this pug!

  18. aww how cute, but sad expression! I’m sure she loves being carried around =D

  19. Seriously cute!

  20. A sweet pooch; love the light and muted colors.

  21. Awesome dog. I can’t figure out whether or not he’s looking at the camera.

  22. When I see the small vignette for the first time, I’m avoiding opening the photo (dislike dog). I dared and I’m really surprised by the composition. Bravo.

  23. Good morning Elaine. Your photo is beautiful and your dog is really beautiful. Have a nice day. A BOURGES in the Berry, it’s raining. Antoine..-= Antoine´s last blog ..<a href="“ rel=”nofollow”>Aspect de l’argile qui commence à être prète à l’emploi. =-.

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