Close to my Heart

Is it ok

if I hold you next to my heart

where I can keep you

where you’ll always be safe

Is it ok?

20 comments on “Close to my Heart”

  1. Sleeping buddies:-) Mattie, one of our Yorkies sleeps with us and she coos. It’s such a soothing sound. Sarah sleeps with Matthew. Poor Zoli wants to be little and sleep inside, but he’s an outside dog. This is just precious, Elaine.

  2. unusual composition and colors … I like it!

  3. Very unusual composition – anything is allowed. Precious indeed. Cool Elaine 🙂

  4. Creepy shot…mystical indeed.

  5. So very sweet. Wonderful moment you captured. Love the detail and quality of light.

  6. I love these shots you had recently. This is so mystical, but very well composed also.

  7. An interesting composition !

  8. excellent detail and treatment

  9. they sure like to sleep.. 🙂 nice processing.. 🙂

  10. What beautiful little paws…:) I like the composition – super!

  11. Not sure if I understand what this is… but, if it is what I think, it’s really precious!

  12. This little rascal is sleeping? hehe…. very cute photo of his/her little feet! Love the way you processed this Elaine!

  13. Very interesting shot. Looks like the dog is very comfortable!

  14. This is such a cozy, heart-warming shot.

  15. Great moment and nicely captured, as always processing is very good. 🙂

  16. beautifully composed and processed, a sweet capture, love the little paws

  17. I prefer to hug a pillow when I sleep. Love the perspective and fun to look at.

  18. Love the details and the cuddle feeling this one has 🙂

  19. Very interesting shot. A set of legs. Love the strong vignetting, and am wondering if you lit it this way with a flashlight or something. However you did it, it’s really cool.

  20. you are very interested by the “sleep period” 😉 and it’s very interesting to see how you see it..

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