I smiled at my little niece, 6 years old!

‘Do the scary face!’ I squinched up my nose in her direction

‘NO!’ she yelled and that was scary enough for me.

‘Ok, say this 5 times super fast.’

She appeared curious.

‘I slit the sheet, the sheet I slit’

‘and on the slitted sheet I sit’

‘Ok, your turn baby girl’, I smiled again

She faltered and squeeked out an ‘I….’

I nodded my head trying to appear encouraging.

‘I… shit…….. oops’

‘That’s my girl.’… I spewed my diet pepsi.
oh.. jocularity!

26 comments on “Broken”

  1. Walking into closed doors when you’ve got a cigarette on the go, is a bitch! Ha haA priceless expression. Neat processing as always, like the double image

  2. That’s gotta be the worst. Hopefully it’s not the last one in the pack. The expression says it all.

  3. What a drag… looks like you drug the top layer a bit too, gives it a different cool effect. Nice bluish processing here too, well done

  4. I’ve had that happen to me. I feel that guy’s pain. Did you do the blue or was this mixed lighting? Either way it looks cool.

  5. lol! funny shot! 😀

  6. A broken habit would be good. I could still have a Dad right now if it weren’t for those things. Interesting way you presented this.

  7. To quote nelson munz – Hah Hah. Great capture. That expression says it all.

  8. il ne risque pas de s’intoxiquer avec cette cigarette, tant mieux !

  9. Poor man lol, funny effect

  10. very funny … lol … 🙂

  11. Funny one!!! Love the interesting processing. He ‘glows’!!!!

  12. you turned him into a blue man.. 😀 nice one! 🙂

  13. haha…nice composition.

  14. Smoking is bad for you anyways.

  15. Wow, the Godfather after a hard gunfight! Cool.

  16. Broken AND unhappy! Love the processing!

  17. nice portrait with strange colors

  18. Elaine, you are amazing!!! Your husband is near the this most splendid model in the world…:) Super funny shot!

  19. hey even if it’s broken, time to light another one! Great use of a double photo here. Humorous shot! =D

  20. Strange double take think I like it.RegardsCamera

  21. You gave me quite the laugh, Elaine. 😀

  22. Love the expression on the face, such a cool and fun capture

  23. Nice! Like the effect here.

  24. This is a cool shot – makes me feel like he is backstage just after giving a rock concert where he is partaking of Jack Daniels and groupies and he accidently walked into a wall smashing his smoke and someone (you) a fan with a backstage pass snapped this shot. 😉

  25. HA very funny expression. I like it!

  26. ups, serious look in a funny situation, nice!

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