Don’t Wanna Work

I don’t want to work

I want to bang on these drums all day

Todd Rundgren

24 comments on “Don’t Wanna Work”

  1. Nice casual portrait and I like his serious gaze. The intense light here is amazing.

  2. Todd’s words are great. I feel the same, I don’t want to wasts so much of my life working and retire a little old man… I want to get out there and discover!! Ha haNeat processing as always, I like the way you present your photographs, always interesting. Hey, have a great day

  3. Nice shot, like his expression, and as always I like what you have done with it 🙂

  4. really cool processing. love it! 🙂

  5. This looks like one of the vintage sepia photos you find in your grandparents attic. I like the fact that you got his feet in the composition too. Well done 🙂

  6. I totally agree with Todd Rundgren. Great portrait

  7. Wonderful portrait..and great processing. Very timeless

  8. really a very cool portrait … as always great postwork!

  9. its like a print thats been chemically dipped in some kind of nasty but great substance. Great effect, whats the PP?

  10. There are so many creative people on AM3, and this is a wonderful example. Cool 1950’s look.

  11. superbe couleurs !

  12. Nice sepia treatment in this layer. Good portrait for it:-)

  13. treatment suit to the photograph which is a great portrait.. but for me, perhaps, it’s a little bit too white

  14. I like how you framed this shot. Classic.

  15. Bonjour,Nice effect..Always an original photographic process..bravo!

  16. Wonderful portrait with his pose and expression, the lighting and processing is stunning as always

  17. Excellent idea on sharpening light – neat processing. Great portrait – as always.

  18. Cool. Kinda looks like an atomic bomb went off in the background and right before his skin melts away.

  19. don’t wanna work? but it’s a friday.. 😀 and now, it’s the weekend.. whee! excellent job with this one.. the processing is just great.. 🙂

  20. Almost an HDR look here! Excellent processing of this magnificent portrait!

  21. Very nice! Love the light and the vintage processing. No original thought here.

  22. Love these tones and, specially, the texture choosen. A great portrait!

  23. I think he finished is work day. The photo treatment move this classic shot to the upper echelons. Thank to share.

  24. Great teratment, Elaine!His name is Gilles, it’s a french name, congratulation:)SwissCharles

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