Puppy Love

I will just tell you what this is
it’s a friend holding a pug puppy
you can see his little black face
and you can see my friend’s arm at the bottom
and her face at the top left

don’t ask me why it turned out this way
i couldn’t reproduce it if i wanted to.

20 comments on “Puppy Love”

  1. Very, very abstract:-) Psychedelic colors.

  2. Well, you just know that I’m gonna love this Elaine. Experimentation is something I think that I feel is very important in photography and life, and here you’ve created an amazing abstract.Neat

  3. Psychedelic, reminds me of a movie of someone starting to hallucinate in colors…

  4. OMG what an art, Elaine, what an art :)))Some people make a million dollar with such an image, some don’t – that’s what I call serious injustice 🙂

  5. Gorgeous abstract. Love the colors…and the not-knowng.

  6. Somehow reminds me of The Crazy World of Arthur Brown!

  7. Nice abstract. Beautiful colours.

  8. This is certainly different and very interesting. Isn’t it wonderful when the camera pixies help us? A very abstract image and should be hanging on a wall somewhere!

  9. excellent painting again my friend

  10. Another terrific shot. Love the blown out highlights and red halos. It’s put together not totally unlike a Picaso, ahha.

  11. it reminds me of a fuzzy dream when you’re about to wake up.. 🙂 nice work.. 🙂

  12. Was it just me or has it been hard to see your blog the past few days? Anyway, this image was worth waiting for!

  13. oOoo.. lovely absract.

  14. what an awesome abstract, love the colors

  15. Unsure what it is, but it’s something that abstract that it will leave people guessing! =D

  16. Congratulations!Very minimalist and expressive at the same time, a lot of colour emotion.SwissCharles

  17. Of course its a pug puppy what else could it be. If you put on your 3D glasses it will jump out at you. 🙂

  18. really cool abstract image and colors! 🙂

  19. Cool abstract 🙂

  20. Groovy shot. Nice to know I wasn’t shrooming.

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