Run and Jump

I’m posting this picture a little late, it’s pretty much too cold to run around in chunky sweaters now. Though we are lucky in Vancouver that way, we just get wet sometimes, but never freeze really. Every year for the past few years I have prayed for snow on Christmas, and we have usually got it, though it melts right away. I’m dreaming of another white Christmas.

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  1. Looks like fun! Love the colours and the processing, it’s awesome.

  2. hello!! i am back again finally! 🙂 this is lovely — quite surreal actually! love colors and placement!! can’t wait tol get caught up with everything… speak soon!!!xoxo

  3. Cool action shot, I like that little red car in the background.

  4. Fun!! Love the sense of joy and youthfulness.

  5. What a cool processing. Love the way the girls are not in the same texture as the background.

  6. cool shot, they surely have fun

  7. Michael Skorulski says:

    Your interesting processing really elevates your image. Super action.

  8. matching sweaters! 😀 i bet you were wearing one too.. 😉 i like these textures a lot, excellent work with this one.. 🙂

  9. Looks like fun, but now winter coats and the grass covered in show is what I would expect to see in a re-enactment of this scene. I like the feel of “instant film” here, or perhaps the feel of a photograph taken 40 years ago where the colours have shifted. Nice one Elaine.

  10. So nice ! In my favorite !

  11. looks like there’s a lot of fun and life in this shot. it’s nice to see.

  12. great texture and arty detail its like a flat canvas but it does have the depth with the people.. great processing..

  13. Bonjour,well done angle..Nice composition..Bravo!

  14. Your processing is, as always, fabulous Elaine. Nicely observed

  15. Wow! Like the “vintage” treatment result on my screen. The no visage kids add especial ambiance to the result. Bravo. Like your new photoblog interface.

  16. Love the treatment, lovely light and colors. Great job 🙂

  17. Love the vivid colors brought out by the overlay.

  18. Very dynamic, colourful, joyful! I like him processing and young girls sweaters…:)))

  19. Run and Jump…sounds like fun. If I were their age it would be even more fun.

  20. What a great action photo. Amazing processing as well!

  21. Extra! Une scène pleine de vie, de dynamisme et de couleurs aussi ! J’aime bien ce petit côté “venues d’ailleurs …” 🙂 Bravo Elaine et à bientôt!

  22. eye-catching processing again! love the saturated colors!

  23. Nice use of texture again. Hope you get you snow, we keep wishing but rarely does it happen 🙁

  24. Little girls making happy memories:-)

  25. Based on what’s happening everywhere else, Elaine, you’re bound to get what you want: SNOW!

  26. Poor girl has no hands. Probally got caught off guard on one those rare freeze days.

  27. With all the praising words used up, I can’t really comment on this picture without becoming a comment “sheep”, but oh well. So goes. ;)Cool shot and nice processing, looks like they are having a ball.,…baaaahhhh. 😉

  28. Looks like there having fun, wonderful colors and beautiful processingI dont mind a bit of snow on days I can stay in, it son days when I have to go out I dont really like it lOL

  29. Love the green tone of the pavement. The reds are really saturated but don’t clip on my monitor. Love the sense of movement in the photo. Not only from the kids…to me it looks like the camera was moving, too.

  30. They look like they’re having a blast. The chase is on. Great colors here.

  31. Splendid!Cool processing

  32. like post processing and texture in this shot …

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