The Long Dark Tea Time of the Soul

22 comments on “The Long Dark Tea Time of the Soul”

  1. Love the dof and the composition, but what is it though?

  2. I believe it to be a tea bag.I never would have thought of photographing such a thing. This came out very, very well. Love how the spoon is arranged here. The grain and vignetting is wonderful.

  3. My first reaction was, it’s a tea bag! Then I thought, no, Elaine would not photograph a tea bag….Then I thought, yes she would…. and it’s blooming awesome too!What an eye you have. This works so well with excellent processing.

  4. A teabag it is then…

  5. an exciting picture with a mystery … to be a tea bag or not 🙂

  6. Excellent dof. Perfect quote for the perfect subject matter.

  7. Great composition and tones and dof.I was wondering whether you will eat that thing on your plate, or will that thing wake up and eat you?

  8. Who would have thought a tea bag could look so cool, wonderful DOF and rpocessing, you can make art oout of anything clearly

  9. Excellent dof. Super compo!

  10. my first guess was a catfish.. i need glasses.. or maybe breakfast.. enough surfing.. lol! i like the dof here too.. 🙂 nice shot..

  11. Wow at first I had no idea what it was but after reading the title I figured it out. Really cool idea love the textures on the tea bag and the out of focus spoon!

  12. It can’t be, or can it, no it can’t be… yet it must be… at tea bag. ;)Excellent angle and dof in this shot, you have managed to make it much more interesting that what a tea bag normally is. Well done.

  13. nice shot, i love the DOF here, nicely done !.

  14. Steak? I love it!

  15. This is the most interesting I’ve ever seen a tea bag look!! :O)

  16. Bonjour,Original shot..Well done DOF..bravo!

  17. I think it’s a SEA bag, Elaine, which is a tea bag of a different color, if you ask me. 🙂

  18. I imagine a cozy evening with loved ones and warm cups of tea.

  19. Tea is always good, very healthy! Great shot with nice DOF!

  20. Fantastic capture. You might know I’d like this one:-)

  21. Nicely done…a perfect angle for this shot.

  22. Oh yes! Love it.And I miss D Adams!!

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