14 comments on “JoJo”

  1. Nice portrait, like the eyecontact and her expression.What is she doing with her arm? almost looks like she is holding up her hair :)Great processing as always.

  2. She looks so at ease here. Sweet shot.

  3. Lovely portrait. So very honest and real.

  4. Lovely portrait, I like the eyes. Who is she?

  5. Lovely portrait, beautiful eyes looking right at us beautiful processing as always

  6. Wow – aren’t those eyes wonderful? As if they can see right into a soul. Lovely lighting and processing.

  7. hi there.. 😀 i agree, she’s got such an honest, disarming smile.. very nice portrait.. 🙂

  8. Excellent candid portrait shown here Elaine! Lovely eyes!

  9. A lovely honest portrait, simple but effective. Lovely eyes and another great textured layer (tried a bit of that myself today, oh yeah!!).

  10. Merry Christmas Elaine!Excellent, natural portrait!

  11. il est superbe ce portrait…..j’aime bien le sourire comme si il n’etait qu’a son début ….

  12. Nice portrait…she has a mixed expression on her face. Shy and tolerating…like you had to coax her into this:-)

  13. This is what Christmas is all about. Wonderful photo!Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2009 ..Seee you later Francis

  14. great candid and super processing!!

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