Too Much Turkey

My husband is not even prone to the post prandial tummy rubbing that most men partake of after a feast, whilst sitting around a sports game, drinking spirits, while the women continue to slog away in the kitchen… nope, not my Gilles, he just sits on the couch and has his sleep fast moment of cordiality and then starts to snore. Good night sweet prince 😛

18 comments on “Too Much Turkey”

  1. lol! nice shot Elaine! 😀

  2. He looks absolutely warm and comfy.A very happy merry day to you and your family. =)

  3. Ha ha I was busy cooking the Christmas dinner with my wife, serving drinks, preparing the deserts, runing around….I never found time for a nap, even though I quite fancied one. Hope you had a wonderful day Elaine, and enjoy the remainder of your Christmas

  4. haha. Asleep AGAIN? Sleepy man, that guy. It’s a great photo. I really like the way you treated it.

  5. great imege for your title

  6. Very cool composition!

  7. Love your point-of-view and quality of light. Nice!

  8. A fine image of hubby with a full stomach and contented sleep.

  9. Clearly the meal was superb and this is his way of complementing the cook for such fine fare :)Beautiful processing

  10. lol caught again, I’m guilt free, I helped with the cooking and the dishes-then fell asleep ;O)

  11. Love your close-up shots of your hubby. Always capturing the best candid moments eh? =D

  12. Well too much of anything gets me sleepy 🙂 Great picture, he really looks all comfy and relaxed, sleeping off the turkey 🙂

  13. Le même que celui d’aujourd’hui mais habillé … ? :-))) Je fais vite pour ne pas le réveiller … Très sympa ce portrait Elaine et à bientôt!

  14. same here.. eat, watch tv, sleep, eat again, sleep again.. lol! i love the holidays.. 😀

  15. I like the tones in this one and those stripes…love the stripes.

  16. Looks like he had a relaxing Christmas!

  17. Nice processing – gives a very atmospheric film-like look.The music that starts to play automatically when you enter this site… not so great idea, me thinks 😉

  18. That’s the best way to spend some time after a good meal.

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