Upside Down, Girl you send me…

my husband hanging upside down on his Christmas present, an inversion table, for his back.

26 comments on “Upside Down, Girl you send me…”

  1. This pose is a little inviting for both gender…Good capture of the relaxation atmosphere!

  2. haha. Don’t let him fall asleep in that thing or else he’ll get a hell of a headache.Nice shot. Seriously, if it were just some anonymous person this would be a bit of a bizarre sight.

  3. Aha, a candid shot of Millionaire businessman Bruce Wayne, (aka BATMAN), resting in suitable batlike upside down pose after a his Christmas dinner.Let’s hope that Gotham City doesn’t require his help this evening as that latex suit will be a bitch to get the zips done up on! Ha haHope you’ve had a great Christmas, Elaine. I’m just off to work now….. boo hoo!

  4. Nice candid shot 🙂

  5. At first I though it was some kind of torture rack…until I saw his expression and read your text ;)I hope you are enjoying the holidays!

  6. it looks you send him ecstasy with that gift… !

  7. What a wonderful gift!!! Love hte light in this image. Very nice!!!

  8. Well, a new place and opportunity for him to suddenly fall asleep with his glasses on :)Cool composition anyway.

  9. A daring image, Elaine. Great model.

  10. I too wondered at first what you had done to him did look like a torture rack, till I read the textVery cool processing

  11. I have no idea what an inversion table is but he looks pleased with it-that is now that I understand what’s going on here and you haven’t strung him up by his feet! lol

  12. Oui oui, c’est bien ce qui me semblait, c’est lui mais sans chemise !!! :-)))) Etrange comme position !!! Excellent Elaine!

  13. i thought you just tilted this one.. now i’m curious how it feels like lying down in one of those things.. 🙂 cool shot, looks like he’s having fun with it.. 😀

  14. Okay, I give…what is this thing?

  15. Bonsoir,Funny candid original shot..Happy Christmas time!

  16. Too much food during the holidays…

  17. Fantastic lighting! But you know what? The expression on his face is worth more than a thousand words – he looks transported to another dimension. Well done – both in the photography and the gift! :-)I hope you had a wonderful Holiday!

  18. Hihihi… on the hangover…?

  19. What a great shot Elaine, do those things really work? Probably relieve the pressure on your back. Like the tones and lighting, nice job Elaine.

  20. Looks like you two are really enjoying the holiday season! :)Hope you had a great Christmas, Elaine and best wishes for 2009!

  21. Hey…I saw you over at Elaine’s blog. I love these pictures. I will be back to visit more.I wish I had a table like this!

  22. hehehe … lol …cool position … cool shot … is he a sloth? [Folivora] 😉

  23. Cool shot, looks like a relaxing moment, hopefully his back will enjoy it too 🙂

  24. I guess I could use one of those tables also…

  25. Gosh, that doesn’t look fun at all. 🙂

  26. Looks like such sweet relief.

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