My Vices

It has been my experience that folks who have no vices have very few virtues.
Abraham Lincoln

25 comments on “My Vices”

  1. Posting two today huh 🙂 one of the wonder the other the vice… its like beauty and the beast, who was the beauty again ;)Nice processing :)Have a great weekend.

  2. I hope nobody is trying to quit. If they see this they’re gonna want one:-) Love the colors in this capture. I like it.

  3. Cool ashtray, love the colours.

  4. That’s a vice we share. Not a good one. Good photo. Just not a good vice.

  5. j’aime bien les couleurs de cette composition !

  6. You’re a smoker? Bad girl! But you take great shots of it 🙂

  7. Interesting plate but thanks, I’m not that hungry today … and a non-smoker, actually ;o)) Like the orange tones (and let you the smellzzz 🙂

  8. alright people, no need to badger the poor smoker when you are only breathing in second hand PICTURE 🙂

  9. oh bad habit, but great process

  10. Wow buds. From dust to ashes as the book says. Well this is a cool show of colors. Nice work 🙂

  11. yes WE GET IT, smoking is BAD mkay???

  12. Love ashtray and of course the cigarette stubs! 😉

  13. great eyes once again.. great shot… and its cool about all the skin.. lol

  14. Now there’s a trick – making art out of ashes. Love the color and light.

  15. The colors here are fantastic & the ashtray is stunning. You should photograph it again minus the vice:-)

  16. Interesting contrast between the pretty ashtray dish and the cigarette butts and ashes.

  17. One of my (few) vices too. This is another that would make a great album cover, can just see “Oasis” or something similar written across the top. Am I waffling? It just strikes me as rock n roll cool ;O)

  18. You too, in America??? If you saw my ashtray…Nice composition here, with a good focus control.SwissCharles

  19. I will say your ashtray looks classier than ours OK its a bad habit but each to there own I personally have a tough skin and know I dont do anything to hurt others so if people have trouble with my choices its there problem not minehave a great weekend

  20. Really great quote to go along with this photo! Love the processing!

  21. Colombo could always pick the guilty person by looking at an ashtray like this.

  22. i drink booze, therefore, i’m virtuous.. 😀 nice shot..

  23. Nicely composed. I like how the texture adds a bit of film noir feel to this.

  24. Memories of the way we were!!!!!

  25. I like this..ash against the dark colors-Captures a mood…Now, you have to see my butts- a great day-

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