poodle X 3

poodle hoping my camera was food…

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  1. Well he did look rather confused…Nice processing, love your grain 🙂

  2. Those eyes are haunting – but perhaps I misread the hunger? Interesting!

  3. Such a cutie 🙂 and a cool piccy.

  4. What a pretty little poodle. Is it charcoal grey? We had one years ago, before we had Yorkies and his name was Ashes. Love your captures.

  5. Very cute, nice angle and tones.

  6. hehe, this is very funnylove the bw conversation

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  8. don’t you mean FRIDAY the 13TH!!!! aaaaaaah, bad poodle, bad, don’t try and kill mummy

  9. Sweet pup! Love the series..and – it looks like you’ve found some ‘snow’ for texture???

  10. Haha, how great, love your compo and his air – omigod, what a face !!

  11. I really like how you put these three pictures together. The texture of the fur (wool?!) and the background work great in grainy b&w too.Also, it has to be said – you have a very cool URL 🙂

  12. I love how the first and the seconds frame connects, and the third shows us the “complete” image.Am I wrong and it’s not your usual model? 🙂

  13. Elaine is this the dog that was staring out of the window looking for wolfy :)at least i can see the face now 🙂

  14. so beautiful eyes, very nice set

  15. Wow – somehow the first words that came into my mind when I saw this picture was: “Scary clown”! – Don’t know why, maybe it was the eyes – or Hammy that just flashed. Don’t we all just love to be greeted by a happy dog? Indeed a nice set Elaine.

  16. cool this is a nice trio… i like the way teh top two merge onto each other..great work

  17. cool series of shots it does seem fixated with the camera

  18. Aww, man, cool idea! I was going to triple post the other day (great minds, huh? :)) but chickened out. That doggie hairdo is quite something! 🙂

  19. If I had a dog I think I’d like it to be a little poodle. Your photos of it could sell me:-)

  20. Hi Elainein the top shot, the dog looks a bit concerned and it looks like it’s wearing a wig!!Matt

  21. both images “blend” together.. that’s cool.. 😀 i’m poodle-y overloaded right now.. nice work here.. 🙂

  22. Excellent cinematographic serie, I like the tempo and the scenery.SwissCharles

  23. Its raining cats and dogs. I know I just step in a poodle. Had a Poodle when I was a kid and it was my favorite dog we ever had, mainly because it was the only dog Mom let us keep inside the house. Cool series of shots!

  24. The first one (on the top) is absolutely shocking!! As usual, a very effective “low-fi” processing!!

  25. Nice dog tryptic… I particularly like the eyes inn the first one

  26. Me, I love dogs. Poodles are an exception, though…they bounce around everywhere and have a shrill yelp/whine.But I dig the photo(s). Very creative series.

  27. elaine you should have made a photostream with those three shots. they were suited for that. but are great anyway.

  28. Always after something aren’t they? Still it makes for a good photo op, great trio 🙂

  29. Reminds me of one of my elderly aunts. Nicely shot.

  30. hello doggie! I’d pet that cute lil pup all day! Great series of shots Elaine!

  31. hehehe … great and very funny series … wonderful images, that puts a smile on my face. 🙂

  32. I really like the eyes on this poodle! They are like black marbles! Great series of shots.

  33. I like how the poodle fades into the asphalt in the bottom photograph.

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