Trailer Park Blues

Trailer Park Blues (n.)- The powerful realization (and often the deep regret) that often overcomes one who has woken up in a trailer during a midlife crisis, after a night of heavy drinking and substance abuse.

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  1. haha. Great definition.This place reminds me of when I was a kid. My to-be step dad had a place on the lake that was a single wide trailer like this. Spent many a summer days there, fishing and shit like that. Fond memories.Strange choice of texture, but it works.

  2. Love the light in this, great shot!

  3. Great lighting you’ve got here. The reds and the greens intermix so nicely. Is it a carpet texture?

  4. very well framed and composed(what does a trailer mean in this context?)

  5. like the texture on the wall

  6. Love how the trailer fills the frame. The textures really add to this.

  7. neat shot…reminds me of the story in the news yesterday: 118 cats (118!!) rescued from one trailer!

  8. I like the colors and the diagonal compo

  9. I like how you captured the tree limb hanging there.

  10. Hey, that definition sounds alarmingly familiar to me, from a number of occasions in my life…….oops, did I just admit that! D’0h

  11. Very nice colouring here…

  12. I love the texture here. It seems like you took the photo through a mosquito net, which only adds to the feeling of “trailer park”Nicely done!

  13. it seems as if i’m looking through a screened window.. 🙂 i woke up in a trailer perhaps? i haven’t tried staying in a trailer yet.. i guess i could go for a trailer park vacation next.. 😀 nice work.. 🙂

  14. Nice muted tones, I like the colour work very much. Like the texture too, I’ve restrained myself from using one for two whole days now, think I may have a texture problem but I can quit any time I want, lol :O)

  15. Trailer Park Blues sounds like a great title for a C&W song. I love the framing on this one!

  16. I have to agree with Terry, my first thoughts were this was from a song title. Great title, love the details and textures in this shot. Nice angle and composition too Elaine.

  17. Im with Terry and John here, really sounds like good ol country tune :)Cool texture and angle on this, well done you!

  18. That is indeed not a happy state of mind… but life is not always a piece of cake… :-(Nice texture..did you add it?

  19. superb lighting and interesting and effective use of texture

  20. This texture makes as a newspaper print

  21. Um, can’t say that’s happened to me yet. I think I’m over my midlife crisis, but I’ll keep this in mind in case I have a relapse.

  22. cool it has that holywood look, i like the framing and colors.

  23. The lighting really makes this work for me. I also like how the texture takes it beyond ordinary.That happens to me every morning, I’m glad there is a name for my condition.

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