God loves a bad photo… so do I 🙂

15 comments on “bad!”

  1. If I didnt like bad photos 90% of my collection would be gone :)Nice blurred streeet action there my lady 🙂

  2. Sometimes bad photos turn out not so bad after all. Nice blur.

  3. un monde parallele qui fait presque peur !

  4. Wonderful blur. My favorite part is the small bit of color on the “hoody” that is being worn.

  5. Bad….? ok, but some top photographers have made big money with ‘Bad’ shots.

  6. it’s not bad, it’s cool, love the motion blur and the mystic mood

  7. very cool effect, blury, mestyrious, i like it.

  8. Love the soft focus and blurr effect. It almost looks like a painting.

  9. Ohh…. Some street photo. Lovely :)Interesting view, seems like you were rushing and just turned to look at that guy(?)Hey, where is the cigarette counter disappeared? Does that mean you smoke again? 🙂

  10. Bad, now you moan at me for saying that!! It’s a cool abstract street shot, I love the real fast film look. Is he pointing? What at, I need to know!! 🙂

  11. Cool street scene. Love the masking you’ve done here. Pretty neat 🙂

  12. Very nice work! I like how abstract and burred it is, yet very pleasing to the eye.

  13. It’s only a bad photo if you don’t like it. That’s how I feel about it. I read a quote of a famous photographer who said it’s important to take bad photos. I personally learn from my bad photos. I learn more from them than I do the ones I think are good photos. knowwhatimeanjellybean?

  14. Ah, but isn’t a matter of taste? I like this one and the blur adds to the character. Perhaps it wouldn’t be nearly as interesting if it was crystal clear! Nice one.

  15. bad? or bald? lol! 😀

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