to my nightmare… I think you’re gonna like it.

28 comments on “Welcome”

  1. For some reason this photo reminds me of Hope Sandoval.Great shot. Love the eyes.Gather your still struggling? Is it not getting better?

  2. Beautiful … but a little scary with the eyes… well done

  3. Spooooky…

  4. This is just great Elaine! A cinematic quality…superb!

  5. A bit spooky, but its got a dramatic feel 🙂

  6. Elaine, then the picture is beyond all comments…It affects so, that belong on not to look and only look… The splendid work Elaine!

  7. A great look…. well done!

  8. wow, you’re right, i love it

  9. Wonderful..mysterious..moody..creative. Love this image – for all it says..and for all that’s left to our imaginations.

  10. great work looks like something out of doctor who

  11. Milla Jovovich is back! Kick some ass, girl 🙂 ……. (and then slightly more conservatively:) great black and white; particularly like the strand of hair across your eye. 😉

  12. This is really cool! Great composition Elaine.

  13. This is awesome, Elaine. One of my faves for sure. Could be the cover to a music CD, or a book. Love it

  14. Interesting picture, a very good idea, I like the treatment that you apply a good job.Greetings

  15. You scare me when you get that look in your eyes:-)

  16. Awesome, I’m liking it already. Love the dark omnious feel to it…eyes are superb 🙂

  17. great look and treatment – I like it a lot

  18. although is so underground mood i must confess i like it. the eyes are indeed irresistible beautiful

  19. Yeah this is fantastic, full of mystery. Like, Like, Like :O)P.S. I liked this one!

  20. Hi elaine, I’m here again! Mmmm…. what a disturbing photo!! It remembers me a scene of the Salvador Dali’s surrealist film “Le chien Andalus”.

  21. Great approach here. I like the expression of the eyes shown here!

  22. Nice use of negative space to the right. That gives this a very disconcerting feel along with the expression of the subject.

  23. Great work here!

  24. I’m wondering what happens next…..? An image full of tension.

  25. Wow very intense mood in this photo. I really like it!

  26. awesome mood shown here.. 🙂 it reminds me of benicio del toro.. 😉

  27. Very good abstract 🙂 great really!swissCharles

  28. oh my oh my — you know what this is? ‘here’s daddy!!’ (jack nicholson in the shining — by steven king) so thrilling!! quite spooky!! but also wonderfully moving and fascinatingly beautiful… a movie still for all eternity!! 5 stars love — a VERY powerful shot!!! bravo!!! xxx

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