my loft

just kidding, it’s a car showroom

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  1. Ha! This photo really plays with my sense of direction and perspective! Well done… and a great photo!

  2. Really cool capture and an exceptional job on the texture. It’s a great match.

  3. Very creativ shot with beautiful perspective!

  4. no, you don’t fool me, obviously it is not a car show room but a space station

  5. Really great. Creative processing and view – point. Bravo Elaine!

  6. Love your point-of-view…and you’ve set us just slightly off-balance. Great color in this image!

  7. wherever it is, it is a great picture

  8. The angle works too well, great texture too

  9. Wahou! Impressionnant cette perspective! Effet garanti Elaine! On a limite le vertige … Bon … je préfère redescendre 🙂 A bientôt

  10. Wow love the slight tilt to this shot. Gives a slightly dizzying effect. Great processing as always too!

  11. WOW! Elaine Now this is a really neat texture I will give you 11/10 for this one great abstact 🙂

  12. This is truly amazing result! and you know why? By looking at the photo, it’s not easy to understand what’s what here. I’ll explain – The wall with those squares might also look as if it’s a floor taken from a high angle, you see it?For first few seconds I was sure you took it from a higher level or something. It tricks your mind 🙂

  13. an unusual and interesting view of your “loft” ;)with very special tones and excellent postwork.

  14. lol! cool perspective.. i guess you’re out to buy a new car then.. ;D

  15. I’m sure your home is more confortable!!

  16. Blimey, taken me ages to get here, had to go through Pixyblog to get the page working, strange!Anyhoo, nice work today, I really like the textured layer you’ve used here, smashing!

  17. Looks like this place could use a bail out. Cool angles!

  18. Nice shot that plays tricks on the mind, love the perspective and the angle.

  19. Great angles/perspective and the processing here is great–although does not make me want to roam around that showroom. Kinda scary looking for my tastes.

  20. Super shot and processing I like it challenged my eyes and mind t come to grips with it at the start

  21. so dreamy!!! love your work darling — it takes me places inside myself!! 🙂

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