wanna piece o’ me??

YES!!!! He’s SLEEPING!!! wanna make somethin’ out of it??

22 comments on “wanna piece o’ me??”

  1. Me gustan los tratamientos que aplicas en tus fotografias, buen trabajo.Saludos.

  2. wow … great effect … it’s really like in a dream 🙂

  3. Wowwwwww! Moving….Very well done, Elaine.

  4. the dog is really funny peeping there

  5. So sweet. Love the dream-like quality and effect.

  6. An intimate moment beautifully captured.

  7. Hehe, great shot! 🙂

  8. I remember occasions from my days of nightclub debauchery, wakijg up next to a few of those….. ha haSuch a neat shot, Elaine. Hope you are all well

  9. What a dreamy mood

  10. Ha! ha!… two things: I really like the “dirty” B&W processing, and…. how lovely is the expression of Coco!! Cheers Elaine.

  11. to me, it seems like he’s saying.. “this is MY spot!” 😀 nice capture! 🙂

  12. great moment and photoshop work

  13. Oh your image, title and text really cheered me up, not feeling very well tonight. I hope you took the hint and backed off ;O)

  14. Such a sweet shot with the dog peeking up, super processing

  15. man and man’s best friend certainly bond well, the care and comfort certainly shows here elaine! =D

  16. Stunning processing Elaine! Your work is always special, but this one is really, really stunning!

  17. I like how the dog is peaking at the camera. Great processing too!

  18. You see you can get nothing passed the dog 🙂 well captured !!

  19. 🙂 So cool….. love it

  20. Looks like your hubby got himself a ear to suck on LOL… great shot though, the dog looks a bit worried 🙂

  21. liked the dream like feel of the image!

  22. so soft, so cuddly, so intimate — beautiful work darling!!! so strange, i feel as if i know your husband as i have seen his face so many times!!! 🙂 i hope you are working on a show…? i am!!! 🙂 kisses to you!!! xxx

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