Objects in mirror may be larger than they appear.

18 comments on “Check”

  1. Whenever I see that written on the mirrors it seems so useless…lol. I mean really, do we not know this? Neat capture, Elaine.

  2. Very interesting car abstract! Super Elaine!

  3. wow, i see to picked up painting as well 🙂

  4. Excellent detail. Again – I love the textures..the mood and sense of mystery you’ve captured/created.

  5. abstractr and little creepy, great process and texture, a great shot indeed

  6. great colors and textures – I like the composition with the mirror

  7. Parece sacado de una pelicula de terror, en las que si no aceleras te matan…jejeje, buen trabajo.Saludos.

  8. Very mysterious feel to this photo. Makes it seem like another world!

  9. Cool & creepy at the same time, I feel like something is going to appear in the mirror any moment!I was driving down a dark country lane once, looked in the rear view and could see a head, scared the life out of me, I thought someone had got in the back. When I got into a place that was lit I realised I’d knocked the mirror, the head was mine :O)

  10. haha.. feeling the strain, eh? it’s cool.. it’s cool! :Dreally cool processing here.. it could pass off for an album cover! 🙂

  11. Dirty and beautiful, almost abstract.

  12. This would make a great cover for a Stephen King novel… who of which I am a great fan!

  13. Great… love the dirty grainy look.

  14. Nice angle, cool abstract.

  15. now I like this. great stuff.

  16. I love the colors here, gives it a bit of a cold and sad feeling. Nice reflection, I like how that combined with the texture also gives an otherworldly feel.

  17. Wow – how did you do that>? That is really cool Elaine.

  18. quite sppoky — could be the cover of a thriller or who dunnit book!!! 🙂 love the textures here! kisses to you love!! xx

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