Walking home

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  1. That image brings back nostalgic memories. Its bewitchingly beautiful

  2. Oh my! This is just wonderful! It’s like you reached into my mind and stole a memory. Fantastic, Elaine, just fantastic!

  3. Elaine, you are the champion in the processing of pictures! This painting is excellent !!!

  4. Nostalgia and sensitivity. That’s the point Elaine, to subordinate the PS technology to the transmission of feelings and emotions. Congrat!!

  5. Love the mood you’ve created with the textures. Could be my childhood..your childhood..anyone’s childhood. Excellent!

  6. looks like they’re heading into mystery. i like the processing and textures.

  7. Love the processing, excellent tones and grain. Great nostalgic and mysterious mood. A unique and creative composition Elaine.

  8. Looks so cold and the texturing really lends to the mood.

  9. wow what a surreal scene, amazing work with pp

  10. wow, if you took this photo you must be 130 years old :)))

  11. i like the treatment here, it really looks like an old film photo.. like a daguerreotype.. great work!

  12. Agree with everyone, I love your processing here and the whole ambience. I want to namedrop Vertov and explore that a bit, but rest assured I won’t! Needless to say, I’m very taken with today’s photo, I think it’s quite wonderful, Elaine 🙂

  13. Excellent post work Elaine really sets the mood and the other guys are right it’s got a very nostalgic look to it 🙂

  14. a scene such as out of a fairy tale … great and creative work!

  15. Just love it alot… wow

  16. Quel charme! Que j’aime cette tendresse qui Ă©mane de cette image … Une bien jolie histoire que tu nous racontes lĂ  Elaine … I really like it ! Bravooooooo !

  17. Whoa! That’s awesome, I feel like I’ve just found this in an old box in the loft or something. Really great work on this one my friend, oh and thanks for all the sympathy yesterday ;-POh my capcha word today is iizi, reminds me of a cartoon from my childhood, “iizi skint, he always iz” well I thought it was funny!

  18. Beautifully dirty. Almost reticulated grain, and very well toned. At first I didn’t understand the title, but after looking at it a while I do. Great work.

  19. Oh yeah… this is awesome! Timeless!

  20. Excellent processing, really like it… Great work!`

  21. This is amazing post processing, looks just like a painting, great work.

  22. you can sell this to johnie walker – a really great image

  23. Wow love the processing! Its like they are walking towards a foggy sea.

  24. Hmmm….nice foto and good tone old processing // I love it // Regards from Yogyakarta City Indonesia //

  25. A shot to hang on your wall. Excellent work.

  26. Love this shot, looks like a movie scene, very cool.

  27. Great textures, I like how it touches on the border of nostalgia and creepy. Very mysterious.

  28. the long walk… a beautifully emotive piece!!

  29. This has a great mood to it. Fairy tale like.

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