Sometimes I have no idea why I even bother to click the shutter

16 thoughts on “There’s no ‘there’ there

  1. Elaine, I adore the processing of Your pictures. Here grain and B & W lets obtain roughness and the chill of the time of the year – the winter… Great work.

  2. Yes, I understand you Elaine… maybe, sometimes, we don’t have anything better to do… don’t you think so? A desolated shot here…

  3. Well, you always seem to make the mundane look very good. And this photo in particular reminds me of our “lake house” when I was around 13 or 14 years old. Good memories. Almost died out there a bunch of times.

  4. Because it’s there of course, Were you pertaining that you don’t like this shot?I liked it when I first saw it and I like it now, so there!

  5. It’s my favorite shot for this week; best creepy ambiance and color! Caution, the police recorded some chainsaw massacre in this area…We can see the footprint in the snow… Like the white sky in opposition of black trees. Bravo.

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