19 thoughts on “There

  1. Very nice…Processing caused that the picture was enigmatical, but not dark, and rather with the note of the spring, joyful secret of the life…

  2. I love the pp here, it’s got a 70’s colour look that I really like, makes me all nostalgic. The textures give it a 00’s twist.I’m all blogged out, taking some time off 🙁

  3. Sorry I’m bit inconsistent with my comments lately. Working on my new blog design is just too much. I’ll update what happened during the last hellish weekend on my post tomorrow…Anyway, It’s a real joy seeing this photo of yours. It’s like a watercolor painting almost! How did you achieve this effect? Is that some kind of special brush?Looks awesome Elaine!

  4. Looks like a Super 8 movie still with some kind of weird processing or something. Evel Kneival home movie? I can picture a motorcycle jumping over the trailer and fitting right in.

  5. I love the texture in the sky and how it balances with the building in the bottom half. Also, nice job with the tones, they give a vintage/slightly decayed feel to the composition.

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