Welcome to the Jungle

We got fun and games….

13 comments on “Welcome to the Jungle”

  1. Sweet shot. She has grown. Those captures of her making freezer jam are great as well. You’re right, it is yummy. I used to make it years ago and had forgotten all about it. Thanks for the memories:-)

  2. Lovely action shot 🙂

  3. I could never do the monkey bar :(Fun shot, love it!

  4. splendide photo

  5. Gorgeous color and light. Love how you captured motion!!

  6. Hey… You back! :DGreat to see you back, I was also away for about a month.Missed you and your works!

  7. great smile from your niece.. that sure looks like fun! 😀

  8. the joy of being a kid :)The mood has been captured well.Cheers to ya!

  9. Looks like shes having a great time… Great smile

  10. lovely moment and great processing – excellent work

  11. weeeee!!!! welcome back elaine! =D

  12. a tough excercise, a nice joyful moment !

  13. love the energy in this shot

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