Sweet Peas for a Sweet Pea

My Niece, tending her garden, or showing it off rather… soooo cute

10 comments on “Sweet Peas for a Sweet Pea”

  1. Charming scene…

  2. Cute little farmer, great capture!

  3. is that your garden?lovely shot

  4. tender portrait

  5. Sweet! Love how you’ve framed this with your niece at the edge of the image.

  6. wow! that’s a great way to teach her responsibility.. looks like she’s doing well here.. nice shot too! 🙂

  7. definite signs of green fingers there!

  8. love the glow you’ve shown here in this image, the framing is awesome as well. very cute =D

  9. Looks like a nice garden… great capture

  10. the color and the glowing effect of the kid makes this image very beautiful and cute!

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