la mountains

out for a drive, snapping pictures

14 comments on “la mountains”

  1. Love the nostalgic feel of this shot, cool processing!I love going on road trips with my camera 🙂

  2. looks like an old hand-colored daguerrotype

  3. Gorgeous landscape!!! Love the textures and their effect. Reminds me more of a painting than a photograph.

  4. i like the hand-coloured feel to this. excellent work.

  5. i call this type of photography discipline the landscape paparazzi.. 😀 nice work with the textures too.. 🙂

  6. So majestic. I want to live where the mountains meet the sea. (I’ll keep dreaming:-)

  7. Great nostalgic feel to this picture, and a beautiful scenery. Sweet shot

  8. I agree with yz – very interesting image…

  9. Such a beautiful landscape and your treatment gives is a painterly feel. Well seen Elaine.

  10. awesome textures on this shot. you’re becoming very pro at making this effect look superb!

  11. AHOY!!! Hey your back… This is really awesome Elaine! I always enjoy your productions 😉

  12. I dig how the texture adds much mystery to the shot.

  13. I love love love this shot with the texture. Is the texture available anywhere or is it your own? So good!

  14. Love this shot and the processing,it has a feel of an old post card! Very beautiful.

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