impending doom

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  1. Terrible image! Grain made this picture…I like it!

  2. So moody, I love it!

  3. Looks like a charcoal etching. Love the processing. The clouds are great!!!

  4. Gotham City! That’s the feeling I get from this, hopefully Batman will save us!! Super cool pp as ever 🙂

  5. Hello Elaine nice to have you back I thought we had lost you forever 🙁 I am just going through your photo’s stunning as allways 🙂 please dont run away again

  6. ooh.. i like how the overly grainy look of this image somehow gave it a painterly feel.. great work, elaine! 🙂

  7. love itlooks like watercolour painting

  8. coooool coverage like effect! great processing.

  9. I love the downright menacing clouds and how the texture and color palette make this interesting, instead of an ordinary skyline shot.

  10. This reminds me of a watercolor painting with lots of water, Elaine. 😀

  11. Very doomy looking image… somewhat depressing. Nice image though.

  12. I like the mood and the processing

  13. i like the dramatic view of the cityscape and skyline… like a seldom-used city in a movie!

  14. there is a quality to this which I really like- top notch shot.

  15. The title says it all! You got doom down pat.

  16. this image has a movie still like effect. great one!

  17. The lack of detail on this shot let us dream and imagine. Impressive.

  18. what a make-over!!! just LOVE what you have done!! welcome back darling!! it has been an emptier start to the year without you!! but now you join us for summer and the end of the longer days! 🙂 i too am back and forth, not sure which way i am going… this pic is AWESOME. so ominous! LOVE it! xoxoxox

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